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Set back from the intersection of Kings Grant Blvd and St. Asaph’s Rd in Bala Cynwyd, PA sits an inconspicuous office building called 1 Bala Plaza.  The six story, Main Line address has been the home to 93.3 WMMR since 1997.

Walk in to the main entrance through the same doorway that John Travolta entered on his way to have the “the most fun interview” of his life with The Preston & Steve Show. Cross the same lobby that Chris Cornell strolled through on numerous occasions to perform on Pierre Robert’s airwaves. Enter the same elevator that Kevin Hart took this selfie right after promoting The Wedding Ringerin 2014. But, don’t push the ELEVATOR UP button like Sir Brian May did on his way to WMMR, instead, go DOWN.

When the doors to the Lower Lobby Floor open, you’ll be greeted by a brand new meeting space with frosted glass windows and modern furniture. To the right of that room is Cho’s.

The closet sized convenience store has been a staple of the Bala Cynwyd Office Complex for as long as we can remember.  It’s run by a lovely couple, Mr. & Mrs. Cho, who have been referenced by many WMMR DJs many times over years.

What is the essence of this tiny store and why is it so special to the radio station staff? We’ll tell you…

  • Cho's has EVERYTHING

    Need a newspaper? They have it. Want a soda to sip? Stop in. Craving a can of Chef Boyardee? They’ve got that. Need a scrunchie? They’ve gotcha. Tear in your panty hose? Yup. Birthday card? Uh huh. Dental floss? Of course. Rolling papers? You betcha.

    A glimpse into Cho's, the closet size convenience store in our building with diamond earrings, lottery tickets & canned meat

    Posted by The Preston & Steve Show on Tuesday, April 10, 2012
  • The Cho's Challenge

    On the very last day of their Preston & Steve Show Internship, Erin and a young Chris “Pancake” Ashcroft accepted the Cho’s Challenge. Each student was given $20 to spend in the store and surprise the gang on air. They did not disappoint. With an array of items, it was tough to pick a winner.

    But if memory serves right, Erin came back with change which won her the crown.

  • Lucky Lottery Tickets

    While Cho’s has outlasted multiple businesses that occupied the first floor café space, our visits to the basement store have slowed down as the aging Mr. & Mrs. Cho have cut back on the hours that the store is open.

    As soon as Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots begin hitting the headlines, we’re first in line at Cho’s Bala News Stand to buy tickets. Our dream is not only to win, but to win that incentive money for The Chos!

  • Cho's Is Tradition!

    After listening to The Preston & Steve Show buy Powerball and Mega Millions lottery tickets live on the radio during today’s show, the new crew of 2023 staff purchased theirs from the sacred 1 Bala location. Intern Campbell received the lucky ticket blessing Mrs. Cho bestows to every  lottery plyer… except Casey.

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