Goal-Horn Song History

When you think of the game of hockey, what usually comes to your mind? For some, it’s the team’s history, tough battles on the ice, and maybe even a beloved player you grew up watching. What if I told you that goal-horn songs can be just as memorable? There are reasons why teams like the Chicago Blackhawks have been using “Chelsea Dagger” by Brandon Howe since 2008. Unfortunately for the Flyers fans, this is embedded in our heads. “Chelsea Dagger” was played for the Blackhawks during the 2010 cup run in which the Blackhawks defeated the Flyers.

While the history of goal-horn songs is more of a new commodity, which started in 1975, the Hartford Whalers played “Brass Bonanza”. Shortly after, teams such as the Islanders, Rangers, and Flyers joined in on the goal-horn song trend.

Flyers Goal-Horn Song History

There hasn’t been one specific Flyers goal-horn song that the team stuck with for a long time. When looking at all the goal-horn songs used throughout the years, it’s evident that Philadelphia goes through them like there’s no tomorrow. For some goal-horn songs can stem key memories, especially with Philadelphia’s history.

When you ask someone what goal-horn song was their favorite, you will get various answers. Some reflect on the “The Legion of Doom” era with Gary Glitter’s “Rock & Roll Part 2”. For others, they might like the chicken dance. Yes, that was an actual Flyers goal-horn song the team used in the 2015-2016 season. While the Flyes entered their New Era Of Orange, they repurposed one of the most beloved songs, “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love” by Van Halen. This has to be one of the best songs the Flyers have used since it was prominent during the Eric Lindros era. Most commonly, you will hear fans saying they want “Doop” back.

  • “Rock & Roll Part 2” by Gary Glitter: 1996-1997

    Most commonly this song is associated with “The Legion of Doom” era. The Legion of Doom featured Eric Lindros, John LeClair, and Mikael Renberg. This was one of the best eras in Flyers hockey. While the Flyers didn’t win the cup during this time period, they certainly were the definition of what tough Flyers hockey should be in South Philadelphia.

  • "Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love" by Van Halen: 1997-2006 - 2023-2024

    One of the most recognized songs is Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love”. This song was huge in the 90s and early 2000s for the orange and black. One player that comes to most fans’ minds is Eric Lindros. With the Flyers entering their New Era Of Orange they brought back this iconic song. This is a fan favorite and hopefully, the Flyers can channel the success that came with the song when it was first used.

  • "Maria (I Like It Loud)" by Scooter: 2012 Playoffs

    99% of the time when you go up to someone and ask “what goal-horn song should the Flyers bring back” the general consensus will be “Doop!” This is one of the most iconic Philadelphia Flyers goal-horn songs all though it didn’t last that long. For Philadelphian’s they can hear this song in the city of brotherly love to this day. The Philadelphia Union plays “Doop” when they score a goal and win at their soccer games.

  • "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi, "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes & "Slow Down" by Showtek: 2019

    When it comes to the new “era” of songs this mix between EDM and rock became a fan favorite. This got the fans pumped up with energy as it was a party whenever the Flyers would score. While the Flyers haven’t had many goal-horn songs that had mixes like this one; it was defiantly unique.

  • "Bro Hymn" by Pennywise: 2010 Playoffs

    While the Flyers were unsuccessful in winning the cup in the 2010 playoffs the excitement fans got when hearing “Bro Hymn”. This was a song that was associated with winning which installs a sense of lifelong loyalty to “Bro Hymn”. This is another song fans want back, but with the Flyers you never know what songs they will bring back. Maybe if the Flyers go on another Cup run it will be heard again.

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