Storms rolled through the Delaware Valley on January 9, 2024, with high wind speeds knocking out power in certain areas. If you were affected, here are 7 foods in your fridge to throw out after a power outage.

Food safety is a must. According to guidelines from the CDC, if you lose power for more than four hours, and the food in your fridge is not kept cold by some other external method, there are things you need to toss.

It is paramount that you use your best judgment. Get rid of any food you feel is unsafe to eat. Spoiled food may make you and your family sick. If you choose to keep these foods, at least check them for any discoloration, odor, or unusual texture. Though, it is definitely safest to get rid of these foods.

Once again, if your power went out for four hours or more, and these perishables in your fridge were not kept cold, it is safest to throw them away. It is best to avoid the risk of you or someone else getting sick. These suggestions will prevent food-related illness.

Here are 7 foods in your fridge to throw out after a power outage:

  • Meat

    Fresh raw angus beef meat, whole, ground and chopped on parchment paper

    Raw meats such as pork and beef will not be safe to eat after over four hours of no power to your fridge. If there is an unusual odor or color, be especially vigilant in disposing of the meat.

  • Poultry

    Raw chicken meat

    The same goes for poultry. These meats pose a salmonella risk if not kept properly cold. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so chuck it.

  • Fish

    fresh fish fillet on wooden board

    And another protein that follows this guideline, of course, is fish. Fish is not good to consume if left unrefrigerated for over four hours. Make sure you toss it!

  • Eggs

    Closeup macro of pasture raised farm fresh dozen brown eggs store bought from farmer in carton box container with speckled eggshells texture

    Eggs are another risky food. Be sure to throw them out, or at least check them prior to use if you intend on keeping them.

  • Leftovers

    dinner meal in glass containers

    Exercise caution with leftovers. While the food was technically cooked prior to the power going out, bacteria may grow in leftover containers in your fridge if it is not cold.

  • Milk

    Lifestyle, " Milk Jug, Taken from a Refrigerator "

    If it smells bad, it probably has gone bad. Cow’s milk especially does not hold up well without refrigeration. Pour some out to see if it has a strange texture. Toss it to avoid consuming spoiled milk!

  • Cut Fruits and Vegetables

    Fresh fruit salad

    While not as risky as others on this list, you may want to check your pre-cut fruit or vegetables after a power outage. If the fruits or vegetables are a weird color or smell bad, it may be safest to throw them out. The emphasis here is on the word cut. The exposed sides may go wonky without refrigeration.

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