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Preston & Steve and the Eagles Run on Dunkin’

…and thanks to Preston & Steve and Dunkin’, you could be running to the Eagles NFC Championship game this Sunday. 

All 100 blocks have been given away, the filled out pool is below. The final score of that game will determine the Grand Prize Winner. Scores of each quarter added to the bottom of the page as they happen:

  • Prizes:

    All 100 Block Pool Winners receive a $20 Dunkin’ card and qualify for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter prizes plus the Grand Prize.

    Blocks that match the final score of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd  quarter of Friday’s Madden Game each win a $100 Dunkin gift card.

    The Block that matches the final score of Friday’s surprise game wins a $100 Dunkin gift card and two tickets to the NFC Championship game on Sunday courtesy of Dunkin.

  • Meet the Competitors:

    Super Bowl Champion & Eagles Alum, Brent Celek v Seamus, CaseyBoy’s 15yr old son.

    Eagles - Brent v Seamus

  • Preston & Steve's Block Pool

    Click to see larger image

    eagles 2

  • Scores:

    Q1:  49ers (6)  v  Eagles  (22)

    Q2:  49ers (12)  v  Eagles (36)

    Q3: 49ers (18)  v  Eagles (42)

    Q4: 49ers (24)  v  Eagles (78)

  • Watch the game live: