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Garrett Stubbs felt right at home on The Preston & Steve Show. How do we know?  The casually storytelling of Schwarber calling him a “pussy” at the casino was an instant tipoff.

“It’s funny, when I get mic’d up, a lot of the stuff that they record they end up not being able to use.” We know the feeling, Garrett.

The Phillies catcher was referencing a recent Instagram video the team shared. The video was a very family friendly version of Stubbs’ recent encounter at the casino. He told the same story – the full story – when he joined the 93.3 WMMR morning show before the White Sox series kicked off.

Every one of Stubbs’ co-workers, on and off the field, have had nothing but great things to say about him. When we put him on the spot, asking if he knew about these comments, Stubbs answered with a mischievous grin, “they just haven’t gotten to know me yet if they’re saying I’m a great guy.”

He confirmed that the boys work their “nuts off” (his words verbatim)  and their intensity is at an all time high on the field, so the balance comes in the locker room. Phillies fans have heard about the epic game room set up, but Stubbs peeled back the curtain on the side hustles. Looking at you, Stoddard.

“It’s 162 games, it gets stale.” Garrett Stubbs on keeping the energy high in the Phillies clubhouse all season long.

Here are a bunch of laugh out loud moments from the conversation, and a couple more that will make you love this team more than ever. The full video is posted below and very much worth a watch.

  • Red 32... The Unedited Version

    “It was Schwarber’s birthday. And Schwarbs and I were at the stadium and we were going straight from the stadium at the end of the day over to the casino. Me, Brandon Marsh, Whit Merrifield. And it was an off day for us the next day so we ended up seeing a couple Blue Jays guys, Tigers guys who also were in the casino. Anyways… we play blackjack for about three and a half, four hours… We finally find the bottom of the wallet unfortunately. We’re getting up but earlier that day I had talked to our strength coach. I said hey, “hey, you got anything for me at the casino? He says Red 32.” I said “alright Fury, Red 32 you got it.” He’s a local Philly guy and our strength coach and we head over to the we’re about to leave and I say boys Fury told me Red 32 we got to go over to the roulette table and put money on Red 32. We go to the roulette table, I put money on Red 32. Schwarbs tells me to put money on Red 21 because that’s my number also. One spin, dink, dink, dink – BANG – Red 32. Every man’s dream on their way out of the casino when they’ve hit what they feel like is the bottom of the well.”

    So that pays 35 to one, how much did you put on that Red 32? 

    “It was 25 bucks and of course right when I hit it, Schwarbs looks over at me and goes, pussy, you should have put a hundred bucks.”

  • One Armed Bandit Reprieve

    “We did recently go to St. Louis… there’s a casino attached to the hotel. Me, Harp and Stotter, and Trey was there and Schwards again. And we sat at a slot machine of all things and waited there because the jackpot was at the highest amount, 10 K, and we ended up staying there way too long and actually ended up hitting it. But at the time that we hit it, we were, we were going the wrong way. You know, you go for that exhilaration and we ended up getting it at the end. But by that time, our win wasn’t as big as it was if we had hit it a little bit earlier.”

  • More Bowa, Please

    “Bowa is awesome. We wish that he was around even more than he already is. Obviously, he’s there in spring training every single day, hitting fun goes. In season, he does a lot more up in the office type stuff. And he comes down on the field every so often. I think we asked him this year to make his rounds a little bit more down on the field, just because he’s an awesome guy to have around. Just a really good presence and obviously a great baseball line.”

  • Speaking of Bowa…

    “Funny enough, that Larry Bowa hole-in-one; we were the group right in front of him all day at that charity tournament. Earlier in the day Bowa and Paco Figueroa hit into our group because our group was… we didn’t have a whole bunch of golfers I’ll say and I’m not going to tell you it’s in our group, but we didn’t have a whole ton of golfers. So we were moving a little slow… Anyways they hit into us, I take Paco Figueroa’s ball, he had hit onto the green, and I pick it up and i throw it back at him on onto the fairway as we’re standing on the green. Later in the day, we get to that par three, we finish up putting. Me and our whole group are not more than halfway off the green and here comes Bo, taking a full hat towards the green. Trey is behind him and says, FOUR! Ball’s in the air, turn around look at it. He goes “it’s going in the hole” joking around of course. Rolls onto the green and goes directly into the hole for a hole-in-one. And all of us just went absolutely insane. All the stuff about him hitting in to us before, completely forgotten.”

    Bowa was  probably speeding up to hit that shot just to get it at you guys while you were still on the green. Since he didn’t stand over there and agonize over his ball for a little while he just swung and aced it? That’s awesome.


  • Phillies are the MLB's "Unicorn"

    Do you feel the same as we feel as outsiders looking in on this very likable team?

    “You don’t get that narrative or that perception from every single team around the league, right? I mean, you got a lot of new players, even when teams win championships, the next year you come back and you’re like, dang, half the team’s gone. And we’re lucky to have an owner in John Middleton who keeps these core group of guys that, one, are incredible baseball players, but two are incredible people as well. And, you know, you don’t get to choose your teammates. We’re not the ones that make those decisions. But John and Dave Dombrowski and the whole front office, they do a really good job of making sure that our locker room is  as good as it gets, along with having the best players in the league in there as well. “

  • Just One Of The Guys

    “Harp’s been a superstar since he was 16 years old, you know, but he’s still an incredible dude. He could very easily be the guy that just is stand offish, not a part of the team, all those kinds of things and he’s not. He’s the guy that’s in the locker room every day with the boys hanging out. That’s kind of the vibe that we have in our locker room. I don’t know if it’s been that way in Philly forever how long. But it’s been that way since I’ve been here in 22 and it’s been super fun and plan on keeping it going.”

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