Her Story With Kathy Romano

Her Story With Kathy Romano

Her Story With Kathy Romano

Her Story, a weekly program presented by Kathy Romano, airs on MMR.

Sunday mornings at 7 am, listeners will get a weekly dose of inspiration and empowerment with Kathy Romano’s Her Story.

The series, which launched in 2017, celebrates the remarkable women who are shaping our world. She covers awe-inspiring tales of resilience to groundbreaking achievements.

Recent episodes include an array of women. From a sleep therapist transforming lives; to a singer/songwriter, 3-time cancer survivor and kidney transplant recipient; to a dentist overcoming odds in Russia. The show has also been known to bring in star power with guests like Ginger Zee and Rachael Ray.

Visit wmmr.com/HerStory to discover stories of previously profiled guests. From there, you can also subscribe to future episodes. Add the link to your frequent bookmarks page to catch digital extras about guests and more Her Story featured content.

Kathy Romano recently celebrated her 20th year as part of The Preston & Steve Show. Her philanthropic energy is illuminated on the air with the program, Kathy’s Cuts, which has collected over 1000 hair donations for children undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy through “Wigs for Kids.” She also sits on the board of the Philadelphia Police Foundation, works closely with the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation and is the visionary behind the Fresh Smiles Foundation, dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged children through organized activities.

Her Story Episodes:

  • Deesha Dyer

    deesha dyer her story

    Deesha Dyer, former White House social secretary and now CEO of Hook & Fasten, shares her journey from battling imposter syndrome to embracing authenticity in her uplifting memoir, “Undiplomatic.”

    She discusses navigating self-doubt while orchestrating historic events and curating unforgettable parties at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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  • Chimère Holmes

    Chimère Holmes her story

    Chimère Holmes is a multifaceted professional in the field of counseling and marriage & family therapy, blending her roles as a Counselor with a dedication to social justice and spiritual education.

    Her hands-on experience spans counseling services for inmates at The Chester County Prison and teaching at The Graterford Prison, showcasing her dedication to serving marginalized populations. Beyond her local community, Chimère has lent her expertise to international economic relief efforts.

    In 2015, Chimère founded Be Ye Renewed Counseling a private practice offering comprehensive counseling services for individuals, couples, and families.

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  • Susan Hathaway-Saurman

    Susan Hathaway-Saurman Her Story

    For over two decades, Susan has dedicated herself to the role of an administrative assistant, diligently serving a Pennsylvania real-estate development company. But beyond her professional endeavors lies a story of profound courage and determination. Growing up in the shadows of domestic violence and enduring the trauma of child abuse, Susan’s early years were fraught with fear and uncertainty.

    Yet, through the darkness, she discovered a beacon of hope—the power of sharing her own experiences to offer guidance and support to others trapped in similar circumstances.

    Driven by a desire to shed light on the realities of abusive relationships, Susan made a pivotal decision—to pen her memoir, “The Courage I Learned.”

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  • Julia Rae

    Julia Rae Shares Her Story

    Today’s guest, Julia Rae, is a singer and actress from Philadelphia, and a remarkable individual whose journey embodies resilience, compassion, and unwavering determination. Despite being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis before she even took her first breath, Julia Rae’s life has been a testament to defying odds and spreading hope.

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  • Ashleigh Hill

    Ashleigh Hill Her Story

    Today’s guest is the visionary founder of The Barn Yard located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. With a passion for fostering community, integrity, and compassion, Ashleigh Hill transformed the concept of an indoor play space into a thriving business that resonates with families far beyond its 13,000 square feet.

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  • Deborah Roberts

    deborah roberts for her story

    Today we welcome a true luminary in the field of journalism. With a career marked by excellence and a commitment to impactful storytelling, Deborah Roberts has cemented her place as an award-winning ABC News Correspondent and co-anchor of the esteemed news magazine, “20/20.” As a seasoned media veteran, she has traversed the globe in pursuit of compelling stories, offering audiences a first-hand look at the pressing issues shaping our world.

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  • Bhavna Shyamalan

    Bhavna Shyamalan

    Vibe Vault Fit, is where the journey to holistic wellness begins. In May, Vibe Vault Fit will mark its 5th anniversary with an array of exciting events and activities in which you can participate. At the helm of this transformative experience is the visionary leader, Bhavna Shyamalan. As the co-owner of PA’s premier boutique fitness and wellness studio, Bhavna has dedicated herself to providing a next-level experience aimed at fortifying not just your body, but your mind and soul as well.

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  • Jacque Maldonado

    jacque Maldonado her story

    Jacque Maldonado is the visionary behind The Prana House—a sanctuary born from her deep-seated passion for holistic wellness and community connection. Armed with a business degree from Drexel University, Jacque’s journey is woven with diverse modalities in holistic health.

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  • Erika McLeod

    Her Story - Erika McLeod TWITTER

    Erika McLeod‘s, professional trajectory is marked by a profound commitment to fostering informative and impactful connections, particularly within communities of color. She understands firsthand the critical importance of representation and its transformative impact. After her aspirations of entering medical school were unexpectedly derailed by a life-altering medical setback, Erika found herself grappling with uncertainty and doubt. However, this pivotal moment served as a catalyst for her to discover a new purpose—one rooted in advocacy, empowerment, and the amplification of voices often marginalized.

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  • Molly McGraw

    Molly McGraw her story social image

    Molly, the studio manager and lead yoga instructor at LOVE Infrared Fitness Studio in Conshohocken, PA, brings a modern twist to the traditional yoga experience. The serene studio glows in red infrared lights, inviting you to explore the depths of your practice in a whole new way. Off her mat, Molly is a Clinical Research Nurse Practitioner delving into innovative treatments in Endocrinology medicine, bridging the worlds of Western science and ancient yoga philosophy.

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  • Erin O’Brien-Hofmann

    Erin O’Brien-Hofmann her story

    This week’s guest is not only breaking barriers but also shaping the future of the construction industry. Erin O’Brien-Hofmann is the Director of Training at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. Erin’s dedication to her role goes beyond just educating and providing experience; she’s a driving force behind empowering individuals within the painting, glazing, and drywall industries.

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  • Megan Havens

    Megan Havens her story graphic

    At the age of 43, Megan found herself confronting a diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer. A devoted wife and mother of two, her world was suddenly thrust into uncertainty as she embarked on a journey marked by surgery, radiation, and the daunting specter of an invisible foe. But Megan’s story is not just one of survival; it’s a testament to the power of advocacy, community, and the indomitable human spirit.

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  • Dr. Lana Waibel

    Dr. Lana Waibel Shares Her Story With Kathy Romano

    Dr. Lana Waibel is a remarkable woman whose journey from Russia to the United States embodies the resilience of the human spirit. At just 20 years old, Dr. Waibel embarked on a courageous path, leaving her homeland to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a dentist.

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  • Gabrielle Baugh

    Gabrielle Baugh Shares Her Story With Kathy Romano

    Gabrielle Baugh, the Interim Manager of Competitive Classes at the Philadelphia Flower Show, began her journey with the show as a youth. She first stepped onto its vibrant stage with her mother. Now, she stands as a pillar of support for the thousands of participants who showcase their botanical artistry and floral designs, vying for coveted blue ribbon recognitions.

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