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Brent Porche

Brent Porche

Meet Philadelphia’s own MonteCarlo, MMR’s Local Shots Artist of the Month.

MonteCarlo, is a hard rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Their namesake is the muscle car. Much like that, their sound is captivating and powerful. It leaves a lasting impression.

MonteCarlo is:

Albert Lepore / vocals

Dan Parsels / guitar, vocals

Ahmed Smith / guitar, vocals

Damian MonteCarlo / drums, vocals

Joe Mal / bass

Collectively, the musicians have performed on many notable bills. They have an impressive amount of experience under their belts. This includes Damian MonteCarlo’s success with Mach22- opening for bands such as Guns n’ Roses, Bon Jovi and making repeat appearances at the wildly popular Rocklahoma festival. Paired with guitarist Ahmed Smith’s label experience under Metal Blade Records with his band Phoenix Mourning. The years of combined wisdom in the music industry among the other members, has set MonteCarlo up for success.

MonteCarlo’s distinct sound can be described as a fusion of Velvet Revolver’s electrifying energy with the haunting melodies reminiscent of Alice In Chains. The band currently has a plethora of material for fans- including live shows, music videos, a full-length album and an additional EP, “Synthetic World”, due out August 11th, 2023.

Hear the Local Shots Artist of the Month on air every Wednesday at 6:30pm! Here’s how to stream live.

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  • "Poison In Your Head"

    This is the lead single off their new EP, “Synthetic World”, due out August 11th, 2023.  This song sounds as heavy as the title does. The deep, chugging guitar really adds to the overall feel of this track.

  • "Drink Me Heavy"

    While this is just a snippet, the full thing is out NOW where you get your music. This is the second single off their new EP. This track definitely had a stadium-rock feel.

  • "Super Double Fine"

    Here is another example of what MonteCarlo has to offer. Their music is heavy, driving, and really good. Albert Lepore’s vocals make this song a really fun listen.

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