• JSI Collegiate Snapback Hat

    JSI Just Sayin Institute Hat (2)

    Preston & Steve’s Just Sayin’ Institute is an ever-expanding (dreamed up) campus that the WMMR Morning Show visits every so often. Great news for fans of this infamous institution! You can now show your school spirit with the brand new P&S Just Sayin’ Institute Collegiate Snapback Hat. [link]

  • Metromedia logo tee '68

    Rock Shop -Metromedia tee - 1

    F – M, ninety three three,  W – M – M – R, Metromedia in Philadelphia..” Remembering where it all began for MMR, taking over the FM dial one rock song at a time.  [link]

  • Pierre Robert Tie Dye

    Rock Shop - tye dye - 1

    In 1981, Pierre Robert drove a VW Bus named Minerva from San Francisco to Philadelphia, and ‘MMR hasn’t been the same since. [link]

  • Preston & Steve Powder Blue tee

    Rock Shop - powder blue tee - 1

    We have high hopes that you’ll love this Preston & Steve t-shirt. [link]

  • Bam Bam Rocks

    Rock Shop - Bam Bam - 1

    Bam Bam already rocks the night time, now you can invite him into your closet. [link]

  • WMMR Trucker Cap

    Trucker Hat - 1

    If you like hats, this is a good hat. [link]


  • Brent Porche Crest tee

    Brent Porche

    Wear Brent Porche’s crest proud! Let everyone know who rocks your ride home every afternoon. [link]


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    WMMR ROCK SHOP 1200x600

    Rock Shop

  • WMMR Space Tee

    WMMR Space Tee

    Listen to 93.3 WMMR wherever you are. From the shore, to the Poconos. Over on the West Coast, across the pond, down under and beyond… [link]

  • Team WMMR Performance Socks

    Team WMMR Performance SocksTeam WMMR bike ride season is right around the corner. Add these socks to your gear, and keep your feet rockin’ on every ride. [link]

  • Liberty Bell Travel Mug

    classic travel mugWhatever liquid gets you through your day, we don’t judge, and with this mug, no one will know. [link]

  • Preston & Steve 25th Anniversary

    Preston & Steve 25th Anniversary - Mens TeeI waaaaaant my Preston & Steve…” Celebrate your favorite morning show’s quarter century on the radio together in Philadelphia. [link]

  • WMMR Knit Beanie

    Rock Shop - stiched beanie - 1

    Keep your noggin warm with an MMR knit hat. [link] Longer version available here.

  • 90's Mug

    Rock Shop -90's mug - 1

    Wake up every morning when the alarm gives out a warnin’, it’s okay if you don’t make it on time… because you’re saved by the ROCK! [link]

  • No Sad Bro Shirt

    Rock Shop -No Sad Bro - 1

    No sad, bro, it’s Friday! Casey’s comforting words quickly became our weekend mantra. [link]

    Watch the moment No Sad, Bro was born: YouTube/PretsonSteveWMMR

  • Santa's Gotta Go

    Santa's Gotta Go t-shirt from the Preston & Steve Show. Red shirt with white imprint and Bill Weston's photo.

    Fans of The Preston & Steve Show know that santa’s gotta go, but now he’s gone forever! Honor Man About Town’s long legacy at WMMR with this holiday t-shirt. [link]

  • Beach Panther / Dune Puma

    Rock Shop - Beach Panther - Dune Puma

    Did you hear about the Beach Puma that Casey Boy saw down the shore? At least he thought that he saw one. Maybe it wasn’t a Beach Puma. Perhaps it was a Dune Panther? Or maybe it was a trashcan. Whatever it was, we have a t-shirt to commemorate the story. [link]

  • There's more! Visit The MMR Rock Shop:

    WMMR ROCK SHOP 1200x600

    Rock Shop

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