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Tundum, pronounced like the iconic streaming sound, has shared the ultimate list of Netflix Codes to simplify your searching.

Do you ever find yourself returning home after a long day at work, longing for the simple pleasure of lounging on the couch with some reality TV, only to be defeated by Netflix’s cluttered homepage, which seems to endlessly recycle the same five shows? Does it feel like you’re spending more time hunting for a show than actually watching one?

Well, we have you covered!

Whether you’re leaning towards the sizzling drama of “Too Hot to Handle” or the intriguing world of “Hoarders,” simply type 9833 into your browser’s search bar, and a gold mine of reality options is at your fingertips. If your tastes lean more towards the cyberpunk realm, all it takes is the code 1964512 to immerse yourself in the realm of robots and futuristic technology. 

Tundum, Netflix’s official companion site, has confirmed that this list dates back to the days of old-school DVDs – we know – a term you may not have heard in quite some time. This list is in thanks to a devoted superfan who initially compiled most of these genre codes and shared them with the internet, which subsequently contributed thousands more for fellow viewers to explore.

Netflix’s hidden codes menu unlocks a world of subfolders and subgenres, spanning everything from Musicals to Sci-Fi. Here’s the master list: 

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