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Brent Porche

Brent Porche

It was 18 years ago today that I saw my very first Nine Inch Nails concert LIVE at the Electric Factory part of the ‘With Teeth’ Tour. I was 9 years old when their debut album ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ was released and have been a fan of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails (NIN) ever since. At that age, the music video for “Head Like A Hole” was as intriguing as it was intense. The MTV era brought many, crazy Nine Inch Nail’s music videos like “Down In It”, “The Perfect Drug” and of course their smash hit “Closer”.

The ‘With Teeth’ tour was the first time Trent & NIN had been in the Philadelphia area since the ‘Fragility v2.0’ tour in 2000, when they played the First Union Spectrum with A Perfect Circle. The album With Teeth was the first batch of new material from Nine Inch Nails in over 6 years, the longest gap between records since their debut album.

Nine Inch Nails performed two, very much, sold out nights at the Electric Factory on May 18th & 19th of 2005. I was there for night one, and it was as insane as you would imagine it to be. I was down on the floor for the entire show, packed in like a sardine, and never stopped moving. The crowd was like a sea of people, and I was just caught in one of the waves for a couple of hours. It was as exhausting as it was exhilarating. The flashing lights were enough to give anyone a seizure had you looked at them long enough without blinking.

The Electric Factory crowd sang Trent “Happy Birthday” after NIN performed ‘Closer’; it was his birthday the day before. He smiled and thanked us before telling us there will be “No more smiling”, and got right back into the set.

If you search “Nine Inch Nails Electric Factory Full” on YouTube, you will find BOTH nights of NIN at the Factory, the complete set!

In a brilliant move on my part, I decided to purchase a tour poster before the show had started, causing me to have to guard it with my life as I was at the mercy of the sea of people. It got banged up a bit, but it made it out alive and in one piece, like me!

Since this show 18 years ago, I have seen Nine Inch Nails at least a dozen more times, including last year at The Met. Pictured below is the first NIN concert poster I got since the first NIN concert I got 18 years ago.

  • Nine Inch Nails 'With Teeth' Tour at The Electric Factory

    Nine Inch Nails at The Electric Factory 2005

    Nine Inch Nails – LIVE: With Teeth – 05.18.05 Setlist

    1. Wish
    2. Sin
    3. The Line Begins to Blur
    4. March of the Pigs
    5. Something I Can Never Have
    6. The Hand That Feeds
    7. Terrible Lie
    8. Burn
    9. Closer
    10. Home
    11. Even Deeper
    12. Reptile
    13. Love Is Not Enough
    14. Suck (Pigface cover)
    15. Gave Up
    16. Hurt
    17. Starf*ckers, Inc.
    18. Head Like a Hole
  • 'With Teeth' Album Cover

    Nine Inch Nails 'With Teeth' Album Cover

  • 'With Teeth' Inside Album Cover & Track Listing

    Nine Inch Nails 'With Teeth' Inside Album Cover & Track Listing

    With Teeth track listing:

    1. All the Love in the World
    2. You Know What You Are?
    3. The Colletor
    4. The Hand That Feeds
    5. Love Is Not Enough
    6. Every Day Is Exactly the Same
    7. With Teeth
    8. Only
    9. Getting Smaller
    10. Sunspots
    11. The Line Begins to Blur
    12. Beside You in Time
    13. Right Where It Belongs
  • Nine Inch Nails 'U.S. 2022' Tour Poster and Setlist from May 25th, 2022, at The Met Philly

    1. Wish
    2. Last
    3. Letting You
    4. Sin
    5. Echoplex
    6. The Frail
    7. The Wretched
    8. Sanctified
    9. Heresy
    10. The Becoming
    11. Reptile
    12. Closer
    13. Me, I’m Not
    14. Burn
    15. The Line Begins to Blur
    16. Suck (Pigface cover)
    17. I’m Afraid of Americans (David Bowie cover)
    18. Gave Up
    19. The Hand That Feeds
    20. Head Like a Hole
    21. Hurt

    Nine Inch Nails at The Met Philly 2022

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