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To much of our delight, scientists predicted that that Northern Lights would be visible from 30 U.S. states on Sunday night.

People who stepped outside to see the lights after dusk were greeted by a beautiful sliver moon, rising right above Venus, but no visible aurora borealis.  Except for a lucky few….

Scrolling through the internet this morning, a handful of folks posted images of the Northern Lights from our area. As close as the Jersey Shore! Cape May based NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, Chris Bakley, posted an image he captured over the ocean in North Wildwood with the caption: 

I never thought in a million years that I would be posting a photo like this. Tonight shortly after 9pm the sky lit up with the Northern Lights! The pink pillar remained in the sky for less than 2 minutes then dissipated. As of right now there is still a green glow to the lower horizon but its tough to decipher from the light pollution. This event was only visible to my camera and couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.
I’ve been on this incredible Journey for over 10 years and have shared so many incredible things with you all. I have always prided myself on sharing legit, real events in the sky and I couldn’t be happier to share this real image with you all!
Photo was Captured at 9pm from North Wildwood, NJ looking directly north. Gear used was a Sony A7s MKI with a Sony 24 1.4 Lens.

Wow! Take a look at Chris’ image, plus a few others that we collected from around our area and around the world:

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