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Happy Birthday to the one-and-ONLY Pierre Robert!

As a kid, my family and I would listen to all sorts of radio on the dial, primarily oldies & doo-wop. Every so often, we would land on 93.3 on the FM dial and hear a familiar voice: Pierre Robert.

After years of listening to Pierre whether with my family or by myself, I grew fond of what he did and how he did it. By the time I got to high school, I was starting to think about what I wanted to do with my life. I leaned into studying to become a marine biologist.

I didn’t do so hot when it came to the report cards taking all kinds of science and math classes my junior and senior year.

Directly across the hall from my physics class was my high school television studio.

True story: One day, I walked into the studio and spoke with the teacher Dr. Benton. I told him that I was going to be on the radio one day. Since that day, my focus shifted to media, in particular radio. There was just something about music that really drew my attention. Pierre Robert had a lot to do with that.

Happy Birthday, Pierre Robert

Pierre’s passion for everything he says and does on the air is and was incredibly captivating to me. So, by the time freshman year of college was here, I had already declared to be a communication’s major with a focus in broadcasting. Four and a half years later, with a degree in my hand, and the world was my oyster, I was ready to go, or so I had thought.

Fast forward to 2003, Fuel just released their brand-new album Natural Selection, and they were doing a free, outdoor concert in the parking lot of the Best Buy in Deptford, NJ. Some friends and I attended the event, and that’s where I first met Pierre Robert in person.

After the performance, the huge crowd waited to get autographs from Fuel. I saw Pierre off in the distance and shouted, “You Rock, Pierre!”

He heard me and proceeded to comb his way through the massive crowd to come find whoever said that. He walked right over to me to shake my hand and say, “Thank You Good Citizen.” It was an incredibly kind gesture and something that has resonated with me ever since.

I met Pierre again, this time at WMMR Spring Break ’05 at the Liacouras Center on Temple University’s campus. The picture from that meeting is the first of many featured below. The SB ’05 picture is from almost a year to the day before I was hired as a DJ on WMMR, where I have been for the past 17 years.

Since then, Pierre Robert and I have been on many adventures together. A lot of them are featured in the pictures below. Most of the pictures in this post have never been seen by Pierre or the general public until now.

Wishing The Man, The Myth, The Legend, “The Duke,” and my friend Pierre Robert a VERY Happy Birthday!

  • Pierre Robert & Brent Porche at MMR's Spring Break '05

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert at WMMR's Spring Break 2005 at Temple University

    This is one of the earliest pictures I have with Pierre. This was at MMR’s Spring Break ’05 with Silvertide, Collective Soul & Billy Idol at the Liacouras Center on Temple’s campus. Almost exactly one year later, I was hired as a part-time DJ on WMMR.

  • Pierre's 25th Anniversary Concert Ticket

    Pierre Robert's Autograph on a concert ticket

    How many people ask their coworkers for autographs? I do! No shame. I have a few other things Pierre was kind enough to sign for me over the years.

  • Pierre with the band Tremonti

    Pierre Robert with Mark Tremonti and Wolfgang Van Halen at the Note in West Chester Pa

    Pierre and I went to see Mark Tremonti’s solo band Tremonti at the Note in West Chester. They were touring in support of their debut album All I Was. And yes, that is a young Wolfgang Van Halen, who toured with Tremonti at the time.

  • Pierre & Brent at Hair O' The Dog in Philadelphia

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert at Hair O' The Dog in Philadelphia

    This picture was taken at the Hair O’ The Dog event in Philadelphia around 2007 or 2008 (I think). Pierre and I were cutting a rug when we posed for this shot.

  • Pierre & Brent Broadcasting Live from The Mann Center

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert broadcasting live from the Mann Center in Philadelphia for WMMR

    Pierre and I bring the masses complete concert coverage from the Mann Center and Shinedown’s Carnival of Madness Tour. Skillet, In This Moment, Sevendust and more were on the bill with headliners Shinedown.

  • Pierre Robert, Brent Porche & Jerry Blavat

    Pierre Robert, Brent Porche and Jerry Blavat at Preston and Steve's Campout for Hunger for WMMR in Philadelphia

    One of my ALL-time favorite photos! Pierre, Myself & “The Geator” Jerry Blavat at Preston & Steve’s Campout for Hunger in South Philadelphia.

  • Pierre & Brent with Minerva 2.0

    Pierre Robert and Brent Porche with his Volkswagen bus Minerva at the Philadelphia Home Show

    I got to broadcast my show live from the Philadelphia Home Show at the Convention Center and unveil Pierre’s beloved Volkswagen Bus “Minerva 2.0”

  • Pierre with the MMR Staff at City Hall in Philadelphia

    Pierre in Philadelphia's City Hall at MMR's 50th anniversary ceremony

    Pierre did live reports from inside the main chambers of City Hall as part of WMMR’s 50th Anniversary celebration, when the City of Philadelphia recognized us in an official document.

  • Pierre with David Oh in City Hall

    Pierre Robert with Councilman David Oh in Philadelphia's City Hall

    Pierre Robert saying a few words along with (then) Councilman-at-Large David Oh.

  • Pierre Sandwich with Zach Myers of Shinedown

    Brent Porche, Pierre Robert & Zach Myers of Shinedown in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center

    Brent Porche, Pierre Robert and Zach Myers of Shinedown hanging downstairs at the Wells Fargo Center. This was taken from the show that featured Five Finger Death Punch and Sixx AM along with Shinedown at The Big Joint.

  • Brent & Pierre at a NASCAR Race in Dover

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert at a NASCAR in Dover

    Brent & Pierre hanging out with some MMR listeners at a NASCAR race in Dover, Delaware. Pierre loved it so much that he hasn’t missed a race since! I hear he is practicing to become an amateur Indy Car driver.

  • Pierre Interviewing Noodles of the Offspring at the MMR*B*Q

    Pierre Interviewing Noodles of the Offspring at the MMRBQ in Camden NJ

    I snuck this picture while Pierre was interviewing Offspring guitarist Noodles at the MMR*B*Q. Pierre does the absolute best interviews ever!

  • Brent & Pierre in the MMR Studios

    Brent & Pierre live in the MMR studio.

    Soon after they announced me as the full-time overnight DJ on MMR, Pierre had me on his show to announce it. We did an hour+ workforce block of my favorite songs.

  • Pierre in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Pierre Robert at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    Within minutes of walking into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, you come upon this digital screen featuring the one-and-only Pierre Robert. He’s been featured in the Hall of Fame of quite a few years now.

  • Brent, Pierre & The Record Company on New Years Eve

    Brent Porche, Pierre Robert and The Record Company at the TLA in Philadelphia on New Years Eve

    This shot was taken on New Year’s Even 2019/20, upstairs at the TLA after The Record Company rocked the house past midnight in front of a sold-out Philly crowd.

  • Music's Greatest Mysteries

    Pierre Robert on the tv show Music's Greatest Mysteries on AXS TV

    One night while I was doing my overnight shift, I was watching a favorite tv show of mine, Music’s Greatest Mysteries, and look who popped up on the screen! Pierre has appeared in a few episodes of this must-watch series.

  • Jacky Bam Bam, Brent Porche & Pierre Robert

    Jacky Bam Bam, Brent Porche and Pierre Robert unveiling Brent's new plaque in the hallway at WMMR.

    Pierre, in a Star Trek onesie that I got him for Christmas, and Jacky presented me with my picture collage plaque during one of my overnight shifts. Thanks to Gail Fogel for the great job on the frame and photos!

  • Pierre is the True Champ!

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert with the WWE Championship belt

    I had my WWE Championship belt in the studio. Pierre wanted to have a photo shoot with it. ….or maybe it was me?!

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert throwing up the Too Sweet hand sign

    Pierre is down with The Kliq! Can I get a TOO SWEET?

    Brent Porche and Pierre Robert making funny faces in the studio

    That certainly escalated quickly. Pierre is accepting all bookings as Champion of the Rock & Roll Universe, just call his agent for details.

  • Pierre & Brent with Shinedown

    Pierre Robert and Brent Porche with Shinedown in Camden NJ

    Pierre & I hanging with Shinedown at the MMR*B*Q. The fellas in Shinedown sure do have a lot of love and respect for Pierre. Everybody does!

  • Brent, Jacky & Pierre Broadcasting Live from The Rolling Stones

    Brent, Jacky & Pierre Broadcasting Live from The Rolling Stones Concert in Philadelphia for WMMR

    Pierre, Jacky & I broadcasting live from the Rolling Stones show at the Wells Fargo Center

  • Pierre Robert & Brent Porche in the MMR Green Room

    Pierre & Brent with WMMR on Vinyl

    Pierre and I in MMR’s green room talking about some of our favorite vinyl albums

  • Pancake, Pierre & Brent at Preston & Steve's Cardboard Classic 2023

    Pancake, Pierre & Brent at Cardboard Classic 2023

    Pancake, Pierre & I up at Montage Mountain in the Poconos for Preston & Steve’s Cardboard Classic. We watched Everclear perform live in a snowstorm! It was a great weekend and can’t wait to do it again next year!

  • Brent & Pierre at WMMR's Live-in Drive-in with The Struts

    Brent Porche & Pierre Robert at MMRs Live-in Drive-in

    One of THE COOLEST photos ever! Thanks to, the great, Derek Brad for capturing this cool moment with Pierre and I. This was at MMR’s Live-in Drive-in show at Pierre’s Good Citizen’s Ballpark parking lot with The Struts.

  • More from Pierre & Brent's Adventures at MMR's Live-in Drive-in

    Brent Porche & Pierre Robert at MMRs Live-in Drive-in

    Another cool shot that Derek Brad captured of Pierre and I before we introduced The Struts to the Philly crowd.

  • Brent & Pierre

    Brent Porche & Pierre Robert at MMRs Live-in Drive-in

    One more selfie, why not?!

  • Pierre Unveiling the Porsche Sign

    Pierre Unveiling the Porsche Sign

    Pierre was so kind to get me this Porsche neon sign for Christmas last year! How Cool! Look at that smile!

  • Pierre, Brent & The Porsche Sign

    Pierre Unveiling the Porsche Sign

    Pierre and I with his very thoughtful and kind gift that I have hanging in my office at home. I love it!

  • John DeBella, Brent Porche & Pierre Robert

    John DeBella, Brent Porche & Pierre Robert at the WMMR studios in Philadelphia

    This shot was taken after Pierre’s wonderful final broadcast and workforce block salute to John DeBella. Congrats JDB on your retirement and induction into the Radio Hall of Fame!

  • Pierre, Brent & Nothing More at the TLA

    Pierre Robert & Brent Porche with NothingMore at the TLA in Philadelphia

    Pierre and I hanging out after the most recent NothingMore show at the TLA on South Street earlier this year.

  • Pierre & Brent Introducing Everclear at Cardboard Classic

    Pierre & Brent Introducing Everclear at Cardboard Classic 2023

    This was a first: Doing an outdoor stage announcement for a concert in a snowstorm! Everclear rocked it!

  • Pierre & Brent at the Hooters

    Pierre Robert and Brent Porche at the Hooters show at the Ardmore Music Hall in Pennsylvania

    Pierre and I at the Hooters show at Ardmore Music Hall in May 2023. If you haven’t heard the Hooter’s new album Rocking & Swing, go check it out! So good!

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