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The beautiful Glacier Blue 2022 Outback Wilderness Subaru had ready for Casey to take on his road trip.

In 1975 a young man named Casey was born, and it’s been his lifelong dream to drive across the country live on the radio. This year, that dream is going to come true. 

Thanks to our friends at Subaru of America and Marriott Bonvoy, we are sending CaseyBoy and his BFF, Chuck on the road trip of a lifetime. A map of their travels is posted below, if you are an out of town listener living along the route, leave a comment on our Instagram post.

Follow Casey’s Big Adventure by reading his travel log:

Casey's Big Adventure Map

  • Travel Log Entry #1

    The trip has been postponed. Although Casey is feeling better and he is not contagious, it’s in everyone’s best interest to postpone to trip. We decided to share the secret to ensure that it will actually happen… and to avoid Casey accidently finding out. Here’s the moment we told him:

    New travel dates will be announced soon….