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On Tuesday evening, the world lost a radio legend. Sid Mark, the host of “Fridays With Frank” and “Sundays with Sinatra” passed away. He was 88 years old.

The level of friendship and admiration that Sid had for Frank Sinatra is matched by Pierre Robert’s friendship and admiration for Sid.

Pierre was quoted in today’s Philadelphia InquirerPierre Robert, the WMMR-FM (93.3) deejay who recently celebrated 40 consecutive years on the air, marveled that Mr. Mark could do it for 65 straight years (save for one show he missed in 1999 when he was recovering from open-heart surgery.).

“There are very few legends like Sid,” said Robert, who called Sinatra “the original rock star.”

“First of all, it’s about the loyalty,” he said. “And it’s beyond being an icon. It’s this brilliant, lovely gentleman, this kind, very understated, not flashy guy who really was brilliant.

And that brilliance was exhibited in the craft and the art of his radio work, where he could weave in any detail about Frank’s life and career. The movies, the songs. And not just the hits, but the B-sides, the C-sides and the D-sides. He would play something and you’d say, ‘Wow, I never heard that before.’”

Listen to Pierre’s tribute to Sid Mark today around 1pm as you scroll through these beautiful tributes: