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This past week, members of the United States Men’s National Soccer team were surprised with hometown motivation from AFC Richmond’s very own Ted Lasso. In preparation for the World Cup which begins on November 20th in Qatar, the fictional Coach had personalized messages put on billboards which included wholesome love and motivation sent to each player of the team.  

Each letter from Ted Lasso has a personal touch, including how they got into the sport, how it impacts their hometown, and how excited he is to see their success on the pitch. The yellow background and blue writing of each billboard matches the famous BELEIVE sign that hung in the AFC Richmond clubhouse.

One of these signs popped up in Medford, NJ, home to Brenden Aaronson. The USMNT midfielder currently plays from Leeds United, after starting his senior career playing for Bethlehem Steel and the Philadelphia Union after coming up through the Union Academy. 

In an interview with The Inquirer, Brenden’s father, Rusty, said, “I’ve used the word ‘surreal’ too many times so I can’t really use it again — but it is.” The sign which hangs on the side of Kirby’s Mill  reads: 

Brenden, It makes sense that you were raised in Medford whose tagline is “Historic in Nature,” ‘cause that’s how I’d describe the way you play the game. Heck, folks are even callin’ you “The American Boy.” I know how tough it can be as an American overseas. A cookie’s a biscuit. Chips are fries. Pants are underwear. And don’t even get me started on “fanny pack.” But what remains the same no matter what side of the pond you’re on, is that you were barn to be on the USMNT. You were barn to play in the games of all games. And you were barn to go all the way. This billboard’s on a barn, right? ‘Cause if not this joke isn’t gonna make sense.  Another American Boy, Ted Lasso 

 Scroll through to read more messages posted around the country that will not only warm your heart, but will also make you hungry for cookies, possibly make you tear up, and most importantly will make you especially eager for the United States’ World Cup appearance! 

  • Matt Turner - Montvale, New Jersey

    In a letter to Arsenal Goalkeeper Matt Turner, Lasso shares the correlation between Turner’s play of the sport and his own love for making cookies. The banner was posted at St. Joseph’s High School in Montvale, New Jersey. 


    Well call me Mary ‘cause I certainly am proud of you, Turner. You were just a teeny Turner in Park Ridge, NJ when you took up soccer to stay in shape for basketball and baseball. Then you discovered your pastime was a passion. Like When I started baking to improve my hand-eye coordination. Got real good at aiming cookies into my face hole. Sometimes the goal you’re training for turns into the train you’re goaling for, y’know? Choo-Choo! Next Stop: The game of all games! We’re takin’ that track all the way to victory. 

    Cookie Connoisseur, 

    Ted Lasso 

  • Luca de Torro - San Diego, California

    Similarly, San Diego native Luca de Torro received a very heartfelt message from the fictional Premier League coach. The billboard is located in San Diego, California. 


    There must be something in the San Diego water to make it one of the U.S.’s happiest cities. Or maybe it has to do with the sunshine. Or all of the surfing. Or the sunshine. Or maybe it’s the iconic folks born here that’s bringin ‘em joy. They got a legendary skateboarder [Tonk Hawk]. A legendary Children’s Poet []. A legendary anchorman [Ron Burgendy]. And of course, a legendary soccer player, Luca de Torrific. I’m no scientist or San Diego-ist, but my studies show this city’s about to crank up the happy once you stroll onto soccer’s biggest stage. You’re gonna give them something to smile about from the top of the podium. 

    Best of Luca, 

    Ted Lasso 

  • Jordan Morris - Seattle, Washington

    Another message was sent out to Seattle Sounders player Jordan Morris, in the same town of which he plays. 


    When you first broke onto the scene, I was blown away by your sheer speed and talent. I’m sure you know all about bein’ blown away from being from Seattle and all. Lotta gloomy days but the thing about you is that you don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Precipitation and perseverance are two of your specialties. Maybe just focus on the second one when you’re playing in the big games. Rain or shine I’ll be rootin’ for you! 

    Gimme some Morris, 

    Ted Lasso 

  • Cristian Roldan - Pico Rivera, California

    El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera proudly waves a banner for player Cristian Roldan. The warm message for the small-town hero is as follows: 


    I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when you step foot on that field. The crowd’s gonna be all: “Look who just rolled in from Pico Rivera: It’s Cristian Rolan.” And someone else will be like : “The premier music capital for Mexican regional music in the country?” and I’ll jump in with “Yup. And this Pico Riveran’s about to dance all over the competition on the world’s biggest pitch.” and they’ll all be like “Whoa.” And I’ll give ‘em a real cool, confident not like “Yeah, that’s right.” 

    Pico for Gold, 

    Ted Lasso 

  • DeAndrea Yedlin - Seattle, Washington

    In a different area of Seattle, a message to Club Inter Miami CF play DeAndrea Yedlin was given a shoutout from Coach Ted Lasso. Lasso takes the time to compliment Yedlin’s haircut, and leaves him with some cutting-edge words of wisdom. 


    You’ve taken seize the moment to the next level. Every step of your career you’ve stepped up. Power-Climbing your way up the ladder of success. Not only are you quick on your feet, you get fresh cuts faster than a lawnmower on rocket fuel. I’m talkin’ bout that everchanging hairdo of yours. You’re a leader on the field and in the abrber chair. You and the USMNT are a cut above the rest and I can’t wait to see y’all chop through the competition at the big games. Maybe I’ll even part my hair the other way in your honor… 


    Hairdo your best, 

    Ted Lasso 

  • Coach Gregg Berhalter - Chicago, Illinois

    At the Southwest corner of Halsted and Randolph in Chicago there’s a message from Ted Lasso for Coach Gregg Berhalter. Lasso makes a point of pointing out how many “G”’s are in Gregg’s name, and some love for Chicago. 

    Coach Gregg,  

    Everything is a little extra in Chicago. From pizza that need their own elevators to the only bean that’s too big to fit up your nose. Vene you, with that extra “G” at the end of your name. You must have earned that by being so doggone ggood at soccer. That’s ggotta stingg for all those singgle “G” Gregs out there. GGreat Greg’s wishin’ they could be Gregger. ‘Cause you gget to be the head coaxh of the dangg U.S. National Men’s Team. I just know you and your extra “G” are ggonna take those fellas all the way. Maye earn yourself a third “G” at the end for being so Gregggcellent.  

    Best Greggards, 

    Ted Lasso 

  • Carter Vicker - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Another message popped up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for center-back for Scottish Premiership club Celtic and the United States national team. The message details Carter Vickers’ background, with Ted Lasso remarking on how American it is! 


    So let me get this straight. Your dad is a French citizen who met your mother in greece, raised you in Essex. You summered in Baton Rouge and now are playing for the U.S. Men’s National Team? If that’s not the most American thing I’ve ever heard of tgen I don’t know what is. Okay, maybe Susan B. Anothony slam dunking an apple pie, but honestly y’all are neck and neck. That is until you and the boys bring home glory. Then, we’ll all be saying, “look at that bald eagle! It’s almost as American as Cameron Carter-Vickers!” 

    Eagle Enthusiast,  

    Ted Lasso 


  • Sergiño Dest - Brooklyn, New York

    A message for full-back for Serie A club AC Milan, on loan from La Liga club Barcelona, and the United States national team, Sergiño Dest, popped up in Brooklyn. The billboard talks about Sergiño’s Dutch background, and how he’ll surely do his Dest—I mean—best. 


    You may come from the land of windmills and tulips but we love that you never go Dutch where it matters most: the scoreboard. If you’re as fast as everyone says you are, I’m sure you’ll be leavin’ the other teams in you Dest. I mean dust. But no matter if ya win or lose, I know you’ll go out there and try your Dest. I mean best. 

    Dest Wishes,  

    Ted Lasso  


  • Josh Sargent - St. Louis, Missouri

    This billboard popped up in St. Louis for Josh Sargent, forward or winger for EFL Championship club Norwich City and the United States national team. Ted Lasso definitely plays on Josh being form O’Fallon in this o’message. 


    Being from the great town of O’Fallon, you must have been an o’natural for you to pursue soccer o’fficially. You looked destiny in the o’lfactory bulb and said “o’kay, I’m gonna make my soccer dreams my main o’bjective.” And boy o’boy, you sure did. You’re about to o’ccupy the world’s biggest pitch with the USMNT and o’btain some wins. While everyone in O’Fallon and I are just gonna be o’verjoyed to see you have a good o’l time out there and o’bliterate the competition. 

    O’ver the moon with excitement, 

    Ted Lasso. 

  • Tim Ream - St. Louis, Missouri

    This last message form Ted Lasso popped up in St. Louis as well and it’s for center-back for Premier League club Fulham and the United States national team Tim Ream. This sign highlights how excited Ted is to see Tim shine! 


    Word at the fair is the lights are shing any place but St. Louis. So, if you could mail me one of y’alls lightbulbs, I’d love to check that out. You know what other shiny thing I can’t wait to see? You, playin’ in the big games. There should be a warning before the tournaments to load up on SPF and sunglasses to protect everyone from the Tim Ream Beam. I know I’ll be doubling up on my visors. 

    Your Tootsie Wootsie, 

    Ted Lasso 

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