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Every Friday, Preston Elliot whips out his chef hat and delivers the latest food news. Here’s a rundown of today’s topics from The Connoisseur:

  • 5 South Philly Blocks To Be Taken Over By Food Festival

    Flavors on the Avenue 2023 is coming to Passayunk Ave on Sunday, April 30th. 5 blocks, 43 restaurants, vendors, games… and hopefully face painting, because Steve really wants to be a tiger for the afternoon. #rawr 

  • Vodka Butter is a New Trend... and we’re kind of intrigued

    Vodka Butter is exactly what it sounds like. Combine vodka and softened butter in a food processor, whip and enjoy. You can add herbs and spices and slather it on bread. #Yummy 

  • Herrs Introduces SandwiCHIPS

    The Pennsylvania snack company created condiment flavor chips that are specifically designed to be added to your hoagie. Look for Ketchup, Mustard, and Sweet Onion in retailers around the area. Wawa is the only place you can find the line we’re most looking forward to: Spicy Pickles. #LetsgetChippy 

  • Dairy Queen is selling Blizzards for 85¢

    The Blizzard was introduced in 1985. To celebrate the nostalgic anniversary, Dairy Queen will be selling their iconic item for 85 cents via the app. Perfect opportunity to try a crazy new concoction, or stick with your favorite.   

  • Robots are taking over!

    Pudu Robotics is bringing more robots to the United States to help with service in restaurants. Some of the robots even look and purr like cats. Which is a little odd as Kathy points out. “We don’t need the waiter purring at us.#dontpurr@Kathy 

  • Does dressing nicer pay off?

    According to a survey, dressing nicer could get you better service at restaurants. A poll among waiters showed that they will choose to give bettr service to the person who is dressed nice, because they look like they might tip more  Great, now Steve needs to but on a tux to get a coffee. #justlookbetter

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