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Hey everyone, my name is Sam and I’ve been an intern for Preston and Steve since July. With the state of the world, unfortunately my time with the show has mostly been virtual. Despite that I still got the experience that comes with an internship and genuinely felt like I was contributing to the show. One of the highlights of the year was when I finally got to help out in person! That’s right, at this year’s 2021 Camp Out for Hunger, the other interns and I were given the opportunity to come down to Xfinity Live and help out with different tasks. It was a blast, and it reminded me why I love this show and WMMR so much. So, I decided to talk about some of my favorite moments of being a virtual intern and then finally getting to help out at an event. I hope everyone has a great end of the year. The world is a crazy place but we can get through it if we help one another out. Take care.

  • 1. Drinking Coffee Out of a WMMR Mug

    Is this a shameless plug for WMMR merch? Maybe. I’ve been a listener of WMMR and Preston and Steve my whole life, but I never bought myself any swag to show that off. Part of being an intern means you need to get up with the show, and that means you most likely need coffee. That is, unless you’re some sort of super soldier that can function that early. That’s where this cool mug comes in. I love all the graphic designs WMMR does with their logo and this is a great example of that.

  • 2. Getting to Guard the Confetti Cannon

    During Camp Out for Hunger there were a lot of big announcements and fantastic donations. It was really incredible seeing so much generosity from so many different people. If you tuned in to the Youtube live stream or came down in person, you probably noticed that every time there was an announcement or donation there was an explosion of confetti. It was awesome and really helped punctuate those big moments. My sacred duty that I was entrusted with was to make sure nobody stood in front of the cannon. Celebrations could occur at any moment so I had to remain vigilant. It was a tough job, but I guarded it with my life. All jokes aside, every time there was a firing of the cannon it reminded me that Camp Out is more than just a food drive. It’s a way for people to come together and help one another out and I think that’s neat.

    via Philly Chit Chat

  • 3. Helping Out With Live Contests

    One of the most iconic parts of any Preston and Steve broadcast are the contests. People love to win stuff, and the gang loves to give stuff away. This was dialed up to eleven when it came to this year’s Camp Out. With the limited capacity, listeners in attendance were able to participate in some live contests. One of these involved a large pirate ship ride courtesy of Skelly Amusements. The goal was to have a bunch of people, including Flyers alum like Brad Marsh and Scottie Hartnell, hold cups of Gatorade while the pirate ship swung hire and hire, back and forth. Part of my job was grabbing people from the crowd to take part in the contest and it was really fun seeing the contest happen up close. Surprisingly, barely any liquid was spilled!

    Philly Photo & Philm

  • 4. Handing Kate Flannery Her Purse

    If you’ve tuned in to a Camp Out broadcast, you know that Preston and Steve have all kinds of special guests come down to help out. This year, one of the guests was Kate Flannery from “The Office”. The interview was a lot of fun, with Flannery even bringing a case of Rolling Rock Beer! Another aspect of my intern duties was to escort certain guests off the stage once they were done talking with the gang. In this case, that meant handing Flannery her belongings. It was a small moment, but it was cool to see someone that I had only seen on TV in person. Flannery was really funny and nice too!

  • 5. Pierre Robert’s Camp Out Send Off

    I should say this upfront, Pierre Robert is one of my personal heroes. Like I said before, I’ve been listening to WMMR my whole life and I always thought Pierre was the coolest. I listen to his Thanksgiving Welcome Home broadcast every year and it gets me emotional every time. While he can sometimes seem a little scatter brained, the guy has a way with words and the ability to make you feel at home no matter where you might be tuning in from. There was no better way to close Camp Out 2021 than with a speech from this legendary broadcaster, and he delivered. Being able to hear these kind words delivered in person was great, and it’s something I won’t forget.

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