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What started as a joke quickly became a full on challenge to collect every single possible Wawa order number.

Tyler Gyurisin’s bio consists of only two words, but those two words tell a whole story. It simply reads: Wawa connoisseur.

He recently set a record that (probably) no one else was trying to attempt. Tyler has collected an order receipt of every number possible, 000 – 999.

It’s taken Tyler over three years to complete this project that first started as a joke and turned into a mission.

The 22 year old tells us that he visits Wawa at least twice a day. Sometimes he makes as many as four Wawa runs per day. His most ordered food item is a classic.  

“I get mac and cheese every single day. I get an iced latte every morning. Wawa is like a pretty standard part of my diet,” Tyler shared with 6ABC.

The Barnegat, NJ native kept all of the receipts in a drawer before pulling them out for this now viral social post. The collection started in 2021. There was no pattern to his strategy, but last few numbers took months to collect.

Tyler is open about his collection methods, admitting that not every single number of the 1,000 pictured is his. Friends did help him along the way. But isn’t that what Wawa is all about; holding the door and sharing receipts?

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