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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Mama, you’re doing amazing! Juggling a household, a new baby, and a job, plus a slew of other things, I’m sure. It can be hard to navigate and balance everyday life. You registered for everything your baby could ever need, but what about you? Below is a list of 17 items to help make the life of a working mom just a little easier.

  • Carryall Tote

    The number one working mom Must Have is a bag that can carry it all! Not only is functionality important but you also want it to be stylish. This Mobile Solution Classic Convertible Carryall from Samsonite checks all the boxes! Room for your laptop, extra pockets, plenty of space for the essentials, and more. Plus, it’s water-resistant and any mom knows there are always bound to be messes and this bag is just one less thing you havto worry about getting ruined. 

  • Reusable Coffee Tumbler

    Coffee is the holy grail of motherhood and becomes an essential part of my routine… multiple times a day, and with the need for coffee throughout the day I try to make it at home to save a few bucks. I love these from SLM and have multiple colors. They fit perfectly in my cup holder while I’m driving to work and keep your coffee hot or if you’re an iced coffee fan like myself they also keep it cold.

  • Digital Picture Frame

    Going back to the office after maternity leave can be hard, but one of the coolest gadgets I have come across is this Aura Digital Picture Frame. Now you never have to miss a moment because your family can instantly upload photos using the Aura app straight to your frame and there is no limit on how many photos can be on the frame. Seeing your baby’s face throughout the day will instantly make you smile.

  • Stitchfix Subscription

    So, you’re going back to work and you may not like all the clothes in your closet since having a baby. Why not treat yourself to a few new items from Stitch Fix. You’ll be matched with a stylist who will curate a wardrobe for you based on a survey and other factors like your Pinterest boards and social media pages. Each box costs $20 and that cost gets subtracted off the total cost of any items you keep. It’s a perfect way to get some new items for your wardrobe.

  • Espresso Maker

    As I mentioned earlier, coffee is life, and when you drink as much as I do it’s a good idea to invest in a machine that can make all the types of drinks I enjoy. From coffee to espresso to lattes the Nepresso Vertuo Next Deluxe is a lifesaver for any working mom.

  • Air Fryer

    What a game changer of an appliance, we probably use our air fryer just about every night. It is so versatile and the need to not have to wait for the oven to preheat may not seem like much but it really saves time!

  • Cleaning Supply Subscription

    As a working mom, I wish I could walk in the door and my house is miraculously clean, but unfortunately that’s not the case, so the next best thing is ensuring I have the right products I need when I need them. That’s where Grove Collaborative comes in. Easily pick all the supplies you need and they get delivered right to your door!

  • Meal Delivery Service

    Meal services will change your life! They have sure changed mine. Gone are the days of wondering “what am I going to make for dinner tonight” because it’s already figured out for you! Customizable menus, fresh ingredients, simple recipes that any level of cook can do, and dinner is on the table in about 30 minutes. It is truly a working mom must have and I encourage you to give it a try because there is no commitment you can cancel anytime.

  • Water Bottle

    As a mom, I am constantly running around and as a working mom, I sometimes am running on overdrive. I always forget to drink water and it is so important to make sure you stay hydrated, especially if you are nursing. I finally held myself accountable for my water intake after investing in a reusable water bottle.  These ones from Tervis come in so many fun colors and 3 different sizes.

  • Grocery Delivery

    If you’re a working mom reading this you know there are just not enough hours in the day! Thankfully there are geniuses out there who create grocery delivery services. Services like Fresh Direct and Shipt allow you to shop for everything you need from groceries to household items conveniently on their website and then your groceries get delivered to your doorstep. I usually will plan out my list and do my virtual shopping when my son goes down for the night and schedule delivery when it’s convenient for me. It really is a Must Have especially during those first few months when you return to work and have a whole new set of responsibilities to juggle.  

  • Loungewear

    Joggers, bike shorts, and leggings are a postpartum working moms’ best friend. Whenever I am home you can catch me wearing athletic wear. Running around after a crawling baby is not ideal in jeans. Fabletics has a ton of super cute athletic wear in lots of styles and colors, they even offer a line of maternity leggings.

  • Mama Collection Necklace

    Keep your baby close to your heart with a special necklace that bears their name. The entire mama collection from Made by Mary is absolutely adorable and features birthstone rings, birth flower necklaces, and nameplate necklaces. They are the perfect keepsake and a simple piece of jewelry that you can wear every day.

  • Portable Charger

    Working moms on the go don’t always get to charge their phone and there isn’t anything worse than a dead phone. I always keep a portable charger in my work bag and in my diaper bag to ensure I will always be able to charge my phone when I am out and about.

  • Hands Free Pumping Bra

    If you are a nursing working mom a hands-free pumping bra is a must. Going hands-free is vital for a working mom and investing in a hands-free pumping bra means you can multitask and answer some emails or finish some paperwork while pumping. When pumping multiple times a day changing in and out of a bra can be tedious, with this Momcozy bra you don’t have to worry about changing your bra when it’s time to pump, plus it can even double as a nursing bra.

  • Instant Pot

    When I am not using a meal delivery service, I am using my Instant Pot. This amazing invention can do the job of 7 different appliances! The Instant Pot can cook food right from frozen so when mom brain kicks in and you realize you didn’t take the chicken out to defrost, no need to worry! Plus, there are countless Instant Pot recipes on the internet that can come together in 30 minutes or less. If you are a fan of dump meals, you can prep those ahead of time, and when you’re ready throw them right in the Instant Pot to cook. Game changer!

  • Roomba

    Let me just tell you, this gadget changed my life. I personally hate vacuuming; it is my least favorite household chore. The Roomba came into my life and now vacuuming has never been easier. Especially as a working mom, it can be difficult to get everything you want around the house done. Letting the Roomba do its thing saves me a lot of time and it’s one less thing to worry about.

  • Wine

    Moms need to unwind too, and we can’t always run out whenever we would like to grab a bottle of wine, that’s where Winc comes in and saves the day! Winc is a wine subscription that curates bottles just for you based on a questionnaire you take during the signup process. Just 5 questions and then get 4 bottles of wine delivered to you each month. You can skip a month anytime and cancel at any time.

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