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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Ted Lasso is now a household name. The Apple TV show, which has only just finished its sophomore season, won 7 Emmy at this year’s award show and quite frankly it’s well deserved. The show has some of the humor coupled with heartfelt messages and issues surrounding mental health in sports that it’s no surprise it’s doing so well. 

And with this becoming a favorite show for many people we had to put together a list of Ted Lasso gift ideas. So, whether you are looking to give a gift to yourself or a friend, we’ve got you covered.

  • Hot Brown Water Mustache Mug

    How can you not love a Midwestern American football coach in England telling them that their favorite drink tastes like “hot brown water.” While I absolutely love tea, I can’t help but laugh at Ted’s Americanisms anytime tea is brought up.


    This cup features Ted’s famous mustache and not only comes with this quote but can have two other Ted Lasso quotes as well. 

  • AFC Richmond Sweatshirt

    “We’re Richmond til we die. We’re Richmond til we die. We know we are, we’re sure we are, we’re Richmond til we die.” AFC Richmond holds a huge place in the hearts of all Ted Lasso fans. This sweatshirt is the perfect gift for Ted Lasso fans.

  • “Believe” Ted Lasso Ornament

    Ted Lasso may not understand football, or soccer as we call it over here, but he is motivational and he knows how to coach a team. The bright yellow Believe sign that hangs over his office door is just part of that. Now you can have your own mini version for your Christmas tree. Oh heck, hang it in the bathroom like how Ted has one in his. 

  • Be Curious. Not Judgmental Tee

    This was one of my favorite moments during the first season of the show. When Ted shows Rebecca’s ex-husband, Rupert, up by beating him in darts, it’s an absolutely monumental moment. Plus, this quote he uses “Be Curious. Not Judgmental.” is just super powerful. 

  • Biscuits with Boss Candle

    This Biscuits with Boss Ted Lasso-inspired candle is awesome! Every morning Ted brings Rebecca a box of biscuits. Now you can be the true Ted Lasso of the group by gifting your bestie the smell of fresh biscuits (read: cookies) for their room.

  • Keeley Jones. The Independent Woman. Button

    I am a Roy Kent and Keeley Jones Stan! This was one of my favorite scenes between the couple, where Keeley acts like she’s a reporter in the Press Room, by asking Roy questions about them being a couple. Keeley Jones. The Independent Woman., Keeley Jones. The Independent Woman Magazine., and so on. This cute button is perfect to show your support for Keeley and the show. 

  • AFC Richmond Sign

    Okay, I’m seriously loving this item! An AFC Richmond shield for your house?! Sign me up. 

  • AFC Richmond Tee

    Of course, when it comes to our Richmond boys we have to give you options. This one is super nice with the Greyhound logo. The best part is you can grab it in a hoodie too! 

  • Diamond Dogs Shirt

    I would kill to sit in on a meeting of the Diamond Dogs! I mean meeting Higgins alone would make me feel better. 

  • Coach Lasso Sayings Mug

    Coach Lasso sure says a lot of funny things throughout the show, including one of my personal favorites “there’s two buttons I never hit: panic and snooze.” They always have this roundabout way of being motivational and hilarious. Now you can start your morning with a cup of coffee or “hot brown water” in your very own Ted Lasso’s saying mug.

  • He’s Roy Kent Tee

    I absolutely love all the “theme” songs for the Richmond players, but Roy Kent’s takes the cake.  

  • “It’s Dark Heather Charcoal” Tee

    Easily one of the best lines from Season 2. Roy Kent is almost always dressed in black, or is he? Because it was clearly “dark heather charcoal.” 

  • Believe Fridge Magnet

    If you’re looking for a Ted Lasso gift that isn’t huge but packs a punch, you need to grab this Believe magnet. 

  • Ted Lasso Ugly Christmas Sweater

    I feel like this would be Ted Lasso approved Christmas sweater. What about you? 

  • All I Want For Christmas Is Roy Kent

    Is this shirt on here for you or for me? Let’s face it, I put it on here for me because a Roy Kent is exactly what I want for Christmas. 

  • Ted Lasso Quote Mug

    Ted Lasso is a top-notch coach and basically my motivational guide in life. This is such an amazing quote from the series and honestly, we all could use a little bit more kindness in our lives, especially on ourselves. 

  • Be A Goldfish Bracelet

    The end of the first season was rough for our Richmond boys. But in true Ted Lasso fashion, they get through it in the most motivating and uplifting way. The phrase “Be A Goldfish” might seem weird, but the concept is solid. Be sad at the moment, but then be a goldfish and move past the sadness. This bracelet is a great reminder of that. 

  • Dani Rojas Sticker

    Another favorite player of mine, Dani Rojas is a bright spot on the Richmond team. “Fútbol is life!” is his catchphrase and for Ted Lasso fans, we get that. 

  • Team Tartt Tee

    I may be a Roy Kent superfan, but Jamie Tartt really got his stuff together in Season 2. So for all of your Jamie Tartt fans, this one is for you. 

  • Rebecca Tea

    What an absolutely cool idea! This tea is inspired by our favorite Club Owner, Rebecca. “Strong and yet a bit ‘prickly. This is your classic blend of English Breakfast tea that is perfect to start your morning or afternoon. It pairs well with biscuits (or cookies) and good company.” 

  • Ted Lasso Blanket

    Wanna get cozy while rewatching your favorite Apple TV series? This fun Ted Lasso blanket has tons of fun cartoon-like images that represent some of the best parts of the show. This includes things like the little army men, a goldfish, Ted’s face, the biscuit box, and so much more.

  • Clean/Dirty Ted Lasso Magnet

    This is such a unique concept! If you’re a huge Ted Lasso fan and you’re looking for something fun for your house, this magnet is great for your dishwasher. Flip the magnet with Ted’s face on top when your dishes are clean, or have Roy’s face-up if your dishes are dirty.

  • 2022 Coach Lasso Pearls of Wisdom Calendar

    We all love Coach Lasso’s pearls of wisdom. That’s one of the best parts of the show! Well, now you can have a monthly calendar with one of Ted’s pearl of wisdom sayings. This calendar starts in January 2022 and runs through December 2022.

  • Biscuits with the Boss Tea Towel & Recipe

    I love a good dish/tea towel. And one that is Ted Lasso inspired with a biscuit recipe inspired by the biscuits Ted makes Rebecca? Um… instant cart add!

  • Ted Lasso Christmas Card

    The Christmas episode from Season 2 of Ted Lasso is one of my all-time favorites. Grab this holiday card so you can gift this iconic quote to someone else this holiday season!

  • Patron Saint of Fuuun Prayer Candle

    Roy is known for dropping the F-bomb every few minutes. But in the one scene where he has to get his niece Pheobe to stop cursing, he uses this very hilarious “Fuuuun” quote instead of dropping the F-bomb again. Plus any excuse to get a Patron Saint prayer candle with Roy Kent on it I will take. 

  • Don't You Dare Settle For Fine Fridge Magnet

    One of my favorite things about Roy Kent is that he knows how to treat people right. And when he tells Rebecca “don’t you dare settle for fine” it’s absolutely one of the best moments in the show. It shows just how hard Rebecca is on herself and just how good Roy is. Overall, this magnet is perfect for folks who need that reminder sometimes that we are all worth more than just “fine.”

  • Be Curious Not Judgemental Sweatshirt

    Like I said before I love this quote. I also happen to adore crewneck sweaters so I had to make sure I added this to our list!

  • Jamie Tartt Coozie

    Yes, the song is in fact now playing in my head on a constant loop, but we love it! Jamie has such a huge character arc in Season 2 and we definitely prefer this changed version of him. This drink coozie is a great stocking stuffer for Ted Lasso fans and is available in several colors!

  • Believe Necklace

    The “Believe” sign is everything. It’s the essence of the show, the essence of who Ted Lasso is as a person. For diehard fans, this tiny “Believe” necklace will be a cherished item.

  • Roy Kent Babysitting Service Tee

    Roy tends to babysit his niece Pheobe a lot throughout the show. This Roy Kent Babysitting Service tee is a wonderful nod to that part of the show. My favorite part is the “Slight Profanity Expected” because of course Roy just can’t stop himself!

  • Ted Lasso Pencil Set

    Another awesome stocking stuffer is these Ted Lasso-inspired pencils. Get these 6 pencils with some of the most famous quotes from the show including my personal favorite “Smells Like Potential.”

  • AFC Richmond Iron On Patch

    Whether you’ll actually iron or keep it as a memento this super awesome AFC Richmond patch is a really cool Ted Lasso gift idea. It is approximately 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm. 

  • Believe Wrapping Paper

    And of course, after you’ve bought all your beautiful Ted Lasso gifts for your loved ones you can wrap them up with some Believe Wrapping Paper.

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