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Comic Book Gurus Craig Liggeons and Rob Templeton along with many of their super geek friends present a weekly roundtable on everything super heroes – Comics, Movies, TV Shows, Events, and more.  Comic Book Gurus is executive produced by Steve Morrison and Chuck Damico and is recorded at 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia.

Episode 32 - Superhero Season Finales

With the ending of Supergirl this week, the Gurus can finally talk about the season finales of ARROW, FLASH, GOTHAM, SUPERNATURAL, the current season of CLOAK & DAGGER, and the upcoming premiere of LUKE CAGE Season 2! Plus we briefly discuss the future of Chris Hardwick with Talking Dead, and plug our upcoming LIVE podcast at…

Episode 28 - Wizard World

Rob & Craig reminisce about their individual adventures of their 4-day odyssey at Wizard World Comic Con. A shield signing by Sebastian Stan! Standing amongst Momoa (Jason!) not once, but twice! Having  to hug Henry Winkler! Jedi Mind tricks, and more! If you attended Wizard World Philly, we wanna hear what you think!

Episode 27 - Special Guest Bob Cahill

The Comic Book Gurus welcome artist, musician, screenwriter, renaissance man Bob Cahill. The man does everything...and that's what we talked about; Everything! Infinity War, Free Comic Book Day, Batman, The Hulk, Star Wars, Gene Simmons and memories of Wizard World. This is our "stream of consciousness" show.