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Surprising and Bizarre House Rules People Have Come Across

Many people establish specific guidelines for guests within their homes. Unexpectedly, some encounters with such rules might seem peculiar. Sometimes, these regulations and rules may take things a bit too far. A Reddit user prompted a discussion by asking, “What’s the most bizarre house rule you’ve encountered?” Of course, Redditors truly delivered with their responses. Bizarre house rules people encountered at someone else’s house. One Redditor recounted an incident during a bath at a friend's house. They discovered the unique practice of reusing bathwater as a means of conserving money or water. The commenter noted that the household comprised five children. Another narrative unfolded as a woman shared her experience of a sleepover at a friend's house at the age of 14. To her surprise, her friend's mother insisted on confiscating her phone at the door, despite the device being given to her by her father for safety reasons. In a middle school sleepover scenario, one person found themselves reprimanded for removing their shoes upon entering the house. The family strictly adhered to a "shoes ON all the time" policy, with exceptions only during sleep. Bizarre house rules people encountered in their own homes. Someone shared a unique consequence for slamming doors in their childhood home. Their father made them kiss the door to "make it feel better." A fellow Redditor found this so amusing that they responded writing, “That’s hilarious, I think I might actually make this a new rule in my house.” A different contributor recounted a distinctive household practice related to flatulence. In this case, the rule dictated that if one needed to pass gas, they were required to venture outside and proceed all the way to the mailbox. Interestingly, according to SOS Safety Magazine, house rules play a pivotal role in fostering trust and respect among household members. However, they caution that an exception to this is if the rules are extremely controlling. Additionally, the magazine emphasizes that establishing house rules aids in creating a sense of what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable when sharing space with others. [select-listicle listicle_id="635591" syndication_name="9-unspoken-rules-for-public-restroom-etiquette" description="yes"]

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