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Getting Angry Over Fortnite

"5 more minutes, pleeeeeeease?" No! Sometimes now means NOW when Fortnite-time is over, or worse, happening at an inappropriate time. Former Phillie, Carlos Santana admitted yesterday that he smashed multiple TVs in the clubhouse because his teammates were playing during the baseball game. We heard from parents (and a few spouses) who also took extreme…

#667 Golfer Scores Hole-In-One After Eagle Picks Up Ball & Drops it in the Hole

 British man got cotton stuck in his ear and reached the lining in his brain was taken to the ER… City official in Florida charged with conspiracy with an active criminal investigation... Police spotted Texas man with a horse in his pickup truck driving 70 miles an hour… 10 British men affected with a virus…

Daily Podcast (03.19.19)

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‘Toy Story 4’: Official Trailer

Just when you think Woody, Buzz and all of Andy’s (now Bonnie’s) toys were all through with big adventures, Pixar comes along with a new story that will undoubtedly add even more dimension to the Toy Story franchise.