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#533 Buffalo Fights, Bear Break Ins, and Beaver Attacks

Grandmother shot a man who was pleasuring himself on a bicycle…A 400 pound bear broke into a woman’s house... Man who taunted a buffalo in Yellowstone National Park has been sent to jail… Sex toys were mistaken as a bomb at an airport… A Florida man danced naked in a Japanese Steakhouse…Roofer killed his coworker…

Daily Podcast (08.13.18)

News(00:00:00) E-News(00:11:20) Plane Stories(00:44:39) Bizarre File(01:12:06) In-Law Incest(01:23:37) Fartin' for Haiti(02:11:06) Bizarre File (02:47:50) Hollywood Trash & Music News(02:55:12) Wrap-Up(3:08:05)
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