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#629 Thrill Seeker ‘Banned for Life’ after Diving Off Cruise Ship Balcony

US sub made a farewell stop at the Philippines where the CO ordered 10 prostitutes at once... Man jumps from cruise ship balcony in port and gets banned for life… Teen died while falling from a ship trying to get into the room from outside of ship… Man chased from home after drinking 8 beers…

Rick Allen trades fours with Pretson & Steve

Preston Elliot has been waiting since August 20, 1983 to meet this man. It was that day when a young drummer from St. Louis went to his second ever rock concert – Def Leppard’s Pyromania Tour – and his passion for live music was born.  “I play a lot better now,” Rick Allen exclaimed after…

Daily Podcast (01.18.19)

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