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Mark Morton on Chester Bennington: "The word that jumps out is 'enthusiasm'"

Lamb of God's lead guitarist Mark Morton is unleashing an album of solo material on March 1st, though it's hardly a "solo" effort. Anesthetic features players and vocalists from just about every corner of the rock world - most notably the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who sings on the lead track "Cross Off".…

#631 Bad Week for Hikers: Falling off cliffs, freezing to death, and being struck by boulders

 101 year old shoots 2 deer in one shot on accident… Young boy was mulled by a dingo during a family vacation… Bikini hiker falls down ravine and freezes to death… Man takes 4 sleeping pills and wakes up engaged to his girlfriend…  Couple takes selfie in front of cliff and end up falling to…

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