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#652 Eww, Another Florida Man Caught Licking a Doorbell for 3hrs

Man Lick’s doorbell for over three hours…  Man has 4 pounds of coins, stones and bottle caps that eats to cope with anxiety… Florida man fights off rabid coyote with coffee mug… California college student creates app titled “Banana Plug” to sell coke and meth... Carl Kenyan arrested after driving away from his 23rd gas…

Daily Podcast 2.22.19

News (00:00:00) Entertainment Round-Up (00:09:55) Neil Jordan (00:51:13) Bizarre File (01:10:44) Frank Caliendo (01:20:11) Mr Skin Rich Vos John Ratzenberger (01:46:18) Bizarre File (02:29:51) Hollywood Trash, Music News (02:42:01) Wrap up (02:55:10)
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