Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Photo by Brittany Rotondo

I had an amazing time at Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival in Philadelphia. On Saturday, August 5, the festival came to TD Pavilion at The Mann.

The show was really amazing, but a huge highlight for me was seeing Mickey Raphael. Of course, I took Brittany and the Duke himself, Pierre Robert, to the show with me. I wore my “Mickey Raphael #1 Harmonica Player” shirt, and Mickey loved it!

When the band saw the shirt, they nearly stopped the song. It was a riot! Pierre and I had an amazing time talking with Mickey.

I also saw some BamBam fans at the show and got pictures. You guys are really awesome. I love talking to you all.

The show itself was stellar. Seeing a 90-year-old up on stage was truly inspiring. There’s nothing like watching a legend doing their thing up on stage. Some of the best musicians out there supported Willie Nelson as his band. It was a larger crew, but boy, did they sound good!

The whole night was one to remember. Touring over the age of 80 is a feat. And to sound that good is nearly criminal! Thanks for a great night Mickey, Willie, and everyone else.

  • BamBam ROCKS!

    a fan wearing a vest with "BamBam rocks WMMR" handwritten onto it

    Photo by Bruce Warren

    This was such a cool sight. This really cool listener hand-painted “BamBam Rocks WMMR” onto the back of his vest. You guys are DEDICATED! Love it.

  • Mickey Raphael

    mickey, pierre, and jacky

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    With the man himself! Pierre and I posed for a picture with my favorite harmonica player. Mickey really was the highlight of the night. He got a kick out of my shirt. He was so nice to talk to.

  • Brittany And Mickey

    Brittany and mickey

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    He posed for a picture with Brittany, too. What a great guy. Thanks for an amazing time, Mickey!

  • Brittany And A Big Winner

    brittany and a listener

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Here’s Brittany with a listener who WON tickets to the show. She had a stellar time watching the show for the Outlaw Music Festival 2023.

  • The WHOLE Gang

    the whole crew on stage

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    It was quite a mighty crew on stage with the legend, Willie Nelson. Everyone joined him on stage. It was an awesome moment.

  • The Legend

    willie nelson on stage

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Again, just look at him! A 90-year-old taking the stage. What a marvel. And he sounded absolutely great.

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    jacky bambam with a large camera

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Look at this ginormous camera I found. BamBam the director, the videographer, the cameraman! I promise I’ll get your good side.

  • A Stellar Time

    jacky and pierre outside

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Look at how much fun Pierre and I were having. He is the best pal to have with me at a concert. We were choppin’ it up!

  • Outside At The Mann

    jacky and brittany outside

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    This is a really great venue. Here’s Brittany and me outside. Look at the fairy lights and tents! It’s like a mini-festival.

  • Post-Show

    jacky posing next to a statue with his arms up

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    We stopped by Ho Sai Gai in Chinatown to finish off the night. I love this place.

  • Capping Off The Night

    jacky with a plate of food

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    Look at my yummy food! Thanks Ho Sai Gai for fuelling us up after the show.

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