People’s Most Hated Christmas Songs

I did an article of my top 5 classic rock Christmas songs, but there are plenty of songs that drive people nuts. People either don't like, or downright hate certain songs. There is a list on CNN of most hated Christmas songs. I'm not sure I downright hate any Christmas song, but there are definitely some that I highly dislike. Let's check the list and see how many fall into my highly dislike category. Christmas Shoes - Hooooo baby! Nothing like a good, sobbing, ugly cry while you're trying to listen to happy joyous Christmas music. There is nothing that put you in the Christmas spirit better than a song about a kid who would like to get new shoes for his dying mother before she sees Jesus. My goodness what were the people thinking? Do They Know It's Christmas - Was never into the whole Band Aid thing. We are the world? Na. When I hear Do They Know It's Christmas, it is promptly turned off or skipped. Wonderful Christmastime - This was number five in my favorite Christmas songs. It must be a Beatles lover thing. Those who were super into the Beatles think it's a try-hard, sell out sort of thing. Me, not being a Beatlemaniac, find it nice and enjoyable. Santa Baby - I kind of find this song to good. Is it a current environment thing that people don't like? Is Eartha Kitt's melody or lyrics too much for people in 2023? That never hit with me. Just a song I enjoy when the Christmas season arrives. Baby It's Cold Outside - I know this one got caught up in the current environment. Nope not gonna do it. Love this song. Love the version with Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone even more than the original. It's really hard to make a Christmas song that people just absolutely hate, unless of course you're singing about getting new shoes for a dying mother. For the full list of songs check out the article on CNN. [select-listicle listicle_id="940502" syndication_name="die-hard-christmas-movie-christmas-songs" description="yes"]