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Latest Episode: Daily Podcast (12.14.18)
News(00:00:00) Entertainment News(00:11:29) 2018 Review(00:36:13) Bizarre File(01:15:04) Philly Music Scenes(01:25:00) Vinny Brand(02:02:21) Bob Cole(02:25:31) Bizarre File,Hollywood Trash, Music News(02:39:41) Wrap up(02:58:01)
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The Bizarre Files

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Latest Episode: #608 Rat Found in School Vending Machine Hanging by the PopTarts
Students find a rat crawling around the snacks inside the vending machine… Canadian tourist saved an elderly man from an alligator attack in Florida… Man FINALLY opened a present from his ex-girlfriend after 50 years…. Australian parliament toilets are being left significantly soiled… Hotel staff created a horrifying effigy of a couple’s dead son… Two…

Jaxon's Local Shots

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Latest Episode: Siravo at Rock Allegiance 2018
Siravo tore it up at Rock Allegiance and represented Jaxon's Local Shots in fine form! After a killer performance, they joined Brent and Sara at the broadcast booth to talk about their new album and what the future holds for the band. If you want to hear more from Siravo, check out their music HERE.


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Latest Episode: Weezer's Brian Bell talks with Pierre at MMR's Opening Night at the Met
Weezer are among the first bands to play at the newly renovated Metropolitan Opera House, aka The Met, here in Philadelphia. Pierre Robert broadcast live from this gorgeous concert venue to celebrate its re-opening, and Weezer drummer Brian Bell was kind enough to stop by and chat with MMR before their show.

Attack Of The Brackets

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Latest Episode: Ep11: James Bond Films (with Steve Morrison!) [Attack Of The Brackets]
The name's Brackets... Attack of the Brackets. James Bond superfan Steve Morrison of The Preston & Steve Show helps Jaxon and Sara decide on the best Bond film of all time, weighing everything from gadgetry to villains to theme songs.  Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod

Public Affairs

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Latest Episode: Our Delaware Valley - Grim Philly - Haunted Philadelphia - Witches, Vampirism, Ghosts & More
Joseph Wojie, History Professor at Stockton University and Founder of Grim Philly stopped by the Beasley Studios to discuss Haunted Philadelphia, Witchcraft, Vampirism, Lycanthropy, Ghosts and more as it relates to the Delaware Valley. This conversation was a blast. If you like the haunted aspect of Philadelphia make sure you sign up and take a…

Thoughts on Stuff

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Latest Episode: Episode 143 - Surprise Bologna
Weird or cool? Blow-up sheep sex dolls; pillow fights on the street with Buddy The Elf; using DNA to uncover which roommate stole your yogurt; candy canes as a symbol of Christ; and Dani’s desire for surprise bologna.

Comic Book Gurus

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Latest Episode: EPISODE 55 - Elseworlds
We review the annual 3-episode crossover event featuring The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl. We discuss Easter Eggs, our favorite Elseworlds Comics, and some Supernatural News. Plus we give a big Thank You to our Heroes Against Hunger (HAH)!