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Latest Episode: Daily Podcast (07.18.18)
News (00:00:00) Entertainmet News (00:12:38) Rigged Carnival Games (00:46:05) Fox Good Day and The Bizarre Files (01:10:00) Adam Ferrara Checks In (01:26:30) Boots Riley in Studio (01:48:27) The Bizarre Files and Jason Morgan in Studio (02:13:51) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:40:40) Wrap Up (02:53:05)

The Bizarre Files

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Latest Episode: #517 Silly Girl, That’s Not A Bra… It’s a Face Mask
Florida Teen climbs tree to escape alligator and has to be saved by the police... Man turns rattlesnake loose in neighbors trailer after he removed the snake’s rattler because of an argument... Young boy got head stuck inside dog statue at a library… A daughter found her mother’s bra in her dad’s car; turned out…


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Latest Episode: Ian McDonald Tells Bam Bam About His New Band HONEY WEST
Legendary British Multi-Instrumentalist IAN McDONALD (King Crimson, T.Rex, Foreigner) called into JACKY BAM BAM's show on 93.3 WMMR to chat about his new band HONEY WEST!! "Bad Old World" is the new album. Written with Ted Zurkowski, it's truly a perfect debut, with a mix of Prog and straight ahead Rock & Roll!! The band…

Public Affairs

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Latest Episode: WMMR Public Affairs - Alexander Hamilton & The Constitutional Clashes
A few weeks ago, Tony Williams,  A Senior Teaching Fellow at the Bill of Rights Institute and Jay Cost is a political historian, journalist and contributing editor at The Weekly Standard were in the WMMR studio to talk US History. More specifically, Alexander Hamilton and The Constitutional battles that took place. Tony has also written six…