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Latest Episode: Daily Podcast(6.21.19)
News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:08:29 Refinery Fire (00:43:04) Bizarre File (01:10:22) Becky Robinson (01:19:08) Loop There It Is (01:43:36) Bizarre File (02:15:58) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:23:45) Wrap Up (02:35:17)
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The Bizarre Files

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Latest Episode: #726 Investigators Looking for Man Who Kept Attack Squirrel in His Apartment & Fed It Meth
Investigators are searching for a man who kept an attack Squirrel in his apartment... A millionaire had a man build protective tunnels to keep him safe from North Korea, the man died and the millionaire is in jail for it… A gaming addict tried to poison his parents for unplugging the Internet router... A car…

Jaxon's Local Shots

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Latest Episode: Siravo at MMRBQ 2019
Every year we have a Jaxon's Local Shots artist kick off the MMRBQ, and this year Siravo set the tone for an incredible day at the BB&T! After their set the band joined Jaxon and Sara at the broadcast booth to tell us what it was like to play the pavilion stage (and how Coop…


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Latest Episode: Jack White on Preston and Steve
The Raconteurs' new album, Help Us Stranger, drops today and, as expected from anything Jack White gets behind, it's loaded top to bottom with great rock. Ahead of the album's debut, Jack called into The Preston & Steve Show for his first ever interview with WMMR. Guess what? He's a great guy. Take a listen.

Attack Of The Brackets

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Latest Episode: Superpowers (with Pat House!) [S2E4]
Everyone dreams about having superpowers! Which ability is the most powerful of them all? Comedian Pat House joins Jaxon and Sara to talk teleportation vs. telekinesis, super smarts vs. super strength, and using your powers for good vs. evil. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod

Preston & Steve's Fun Size Podcast

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Latest Episode: Accidently Throwing Something Out then Digging After It
Have you ever thrown away something really important, maybe every expensive by accident? Car keys, cell phone, retainer? Lenny Dykstra threw his $80,000 dentures into the trash at a fast food joint and you bet your ass he went after them. 9hours later his teeth were finally recovered. We heard stories that are not that…

Comic Book Gurus

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Latest Episode: Issue 82 - "Get Back Honky Cap!"
The Gurus recap their Live podcasts at The Franklin Institute and Wizard World. Craig makes a Marvel "mea culpa" to a fan, Rob does the greatest Captain America impression of all time, we both trash Dark Phoenix, and we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Michael Keaton's BATMAN.