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Latest Episode: Daily Podcast (04.25.19)
News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:09:39) Weird Rules for Kids (00:43:26) Bizarre File & PAL (01:24:31) Pup-Nups & Baby-Nups (01:37:14) Stuck in a Sewer and Take Your Kid To Work Day (02:04:56)  Bizarre File (02:23:39) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:31:39)  Wrap Up (02:44:59)
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The Bizarre Files

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Latest Episode: #691 Butts Beware: $450K of Colonoscopy Equipment Stolen from Lower Merion Hospital
A pothole corrects a man’s rapid heartbeat... A woman fell to her death at the rim of the Grand Canyon…  Police released video of suspects who stole $450K in Olympus Colonoscopes… Pennsylvania’s official new amphibian is the Snot Otter and it looks horrifying... Police are looking for the public’s help in catching two men who…

Jaxon's Local Shots

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Latest Episode: John Faye opens for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg!
Our good friend and Jaxon's Local Shots mainstay John Faye performed live in the MMR studio ahead of his show with Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg at the Ardmore Music Hall. Get tickets for Thursday 12/20 at ArdmoreMusic.com or click HERE!


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Latest Episode: Pierre Debuts New Collective Soul Music with Ed Roland
Pierre Robert debuted the brand new single from Collective Soul today on WMMR! Frontman Ed Roland called in for the world premiere of “Right As Rain”. The song will appear on Blood, the band’s 10th studio LP (and the album's liner notes were penned by Pierre!). Blood arrives on June 21st. Listen to Pierre's chat…

Attack Of The Brackets

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Latest Episode: Superpowers (with Pat House!) [S2E4]
Everyone dreams about having superpowers! Which ability is the most powerful of them all? Comedian Pat House joins Jaxon and Sara to talk teleportation vs. telekinesis, super smarts vs. super strength, and using your powers for good vs. evil. Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod

Our Delaware Valley

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Latest Episode: Marvel Universe Franklin Institute
Ben Saunders, Chief Curator of the Marvel Universe Of Superheroes Exhibit at The Franklin Institute, was in the Beasley Studios to discuss this incredible new exhibit. This is the quintessential art exhibit for those who love Stan Lee's Marvel Universe. It's a special world that Ben speaks about with great passion, knowledge and understanding. 

Thoughts on Stuff

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Latest Episode: Episode 158 - Creamy vs. Chunky
Hear our thoughts on this stuff - the (dis)advantages to splitting the bill, how your peanut butter preference affects your personality, the Kate Smith controversy, determining B.O. levels, and taking adulting classes.

Comic Book Gurus

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Latest Episode: Episode 73 - EVERYTHING AVENGERS
With AVENGERS: ENDGAME fast approaching; trailers for the film are flooding TVs across the nation! Fandango tickets sites crashing! DOCTOR STRANGE 2 has been moved up to next year! Rob & Craig try to make sense of it all! Plus, the return of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and Rob's Stack consists of 1 book; The Marvel Encyclopedia…