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Daily Podcast (07.13.18)

News(00:00:00) Entertainment News(00:10:50) Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age(00:42:44) Matt Ritter and Bizarre Files(01:06:59) Aries Spears(01:24:10) Subaru Match Game(01:50:25) Glenn ergman,Matt Ritter and Sandy Capell(02:19:50) Bizarre Files,Hollywood Trash and Music News(02:31:31) Wrap Up(02:51:18)
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Daily Podcast (07.06.18)

Best Of! Sally Struthers (00:00:00). Sent To The Store For Something, Bringing Back Something Totally Different (00:20:44). Excuses For Cheating (00:53:41). Aaron Sorkin (01:16:40). Bizarre Files (01:51:27). Getting Caught And Blaming A Friend (01:59:23). Nikki Glaser (02:21:41). Bizarre Files (02:53:14). Hollywood Trash & Movies Everyone Loves But You Don't (03:02:19).
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