#631 Bad Week for Hikers: Falling off cliffs, freezing to death, and being struck by boulders

 101 year old shoots 2 deer in one shot on accident… Young boy was mulled by a dingo during a family vacation… Bikini hiker falls down ravine and freezes to death… Man takes 4 sleeping pills and wakes up engaged to his girlfriend…  Couple takes selfie in front of cliff and end up falling to…

Daily Podcast (01.22.19)

News (00:00:00), Entertainment News (00:12:27),  Talking Behind Peoples Back's (00:45:50),  Bizarre File (01:12:38), Things we Thought were Fancy (01:22:47), Steve Zahn Checks in and Mike Gemp from the Philly Auto-Show (1:56:37), Oscar Buzz (02:18:28), Bizarre File (02:29:44), Wrap-up (02:51:13)
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#630 Welcome to Klansville formally known as Swastika City

Woman had been mauled to death by pet crocodile… Police recover meth, a gun, dead bald eagle and more in Missouri…  Man tricked people to send him guitars and baseballs after impersonating to be famous band members and baseball players, faces decades in prison… Russian man begged judge to let his girlfriend free after she…