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Kathy’s Fall Activities 2018

Fall is filled with beautiful colors, great weather and endless activities.  I love taking part in all the season has to offer.  Years ago, I started a fall tour of farms and other family-friendly events surrounding the season.  Each week, I’d take my son to do a few different activities.  Now that he’s in school, we…

Daily Podcast (09.20.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:12:31) Foods We Never Tried (00:46:51) The Bizarre Files (01:21:15) Lavell Crawford in studio (01:30:27) Junk Drawer (02:00:04) The Bizarre Files (02:27:08) Acme 500 /Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:36:21) Wrap Up (03:02:02)
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#557 Man Who Used Potato to Loot Home Says His Life is Off to a Bad STARCH

Man faces charges after he faked having Down Syndrome so women would change his diapers and bathe him…Shotgun is fired inside after a drunk guy thinks there are clowns inside.... Knife lands in a guy’s eye after his friend thinks he’s talking too loud… Man with a potato robs a home…Prisoner kills cellmate, heads to…

#556 Woman Who Famously Wrote About Murdering Husbands… Murders Husband

Multiple Boston homes explode in gas line explosion… man arrested for throwing rocks at cars on highway – for 5 hours… naked man arrested for masturbating in laundromat to ‘help his anxiety’… illegal animal peddler arrested with multiple lizards in car and trunk, including poisonous Gila monster… dam managers in China trying to assuage claims…