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Daily Podcast (07.20.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:13:11) Junk Drawer (00:41:30) The Bizarre Files & Belly Flop Contest Recap (01:10:25) David Koechner (01:28:48) Famous Houses (01:59:07) The Bizarre Files (02:24:23) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:34:16) Wrap Up (02:43:00)
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#519 Do You Know the Tell-Tale Sign of Aliens? This Couple on Bath Salts Does

A couple high on bath salts thought that fireflies were green lasers from aliens and broke into multiple homes…  A man bought a meal from McDonalds six years ago keeping it on a shelf ever since claiming it has yet to rot and plans to sell it on eBay for $29.99… A drunk pig tried…

#518 Ouch! Teen Tries to Plug iPhone into his Penis

92 year old women was charged with her sons murder after shooting him for trying to move her to an assisted living facility. Police found her sitting in her recliner chair…Bear climbed over man’s his fence and took a dip in his hot tub and took a drink of the margarita sitting by the hot…

Daily Podcast (07.19.18)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:13:32) Marisa Hates Paper Straws (00:44:20) Bizarre File & Hank Flynn in Studio (01:12:53) Jeremy Piven In Studio (01:29:59) Frank Caliendo In Studio (02:05:21) Bizarre File (02:31:17) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:37:57) Wrap-Up (02:59:57)
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