Daily Podcast (05.24.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:10:30) Jack Morey at Keenans / Tramcar Contest (00:40:00) Bizarre File & WinWhiz Contest (01:12:01) Dictionary Contest / Not an Eagles Chant (01:36:36) Bizarre File (02:00:03) Baptism in Beer (02:08:04) Wrap Up (02:19:55)
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Daily Podcast (5.23.19)

News(00:00:00) Entertainment News(00:14:50) Monica Malpass Retires/All in the Family & The Jeffersons Live(00:44:48) Bizarre File/Craig Berube(01:10:04) Janny Scott(01:31:49) 50th Anniversary of Rock Opera 'Tommy'(01:54:21) Tu Rae(02:13:51) Lance Reddick/Bizarre File/Hollywood Trash/Music News(02:35:31) Wrap(03:00:27)
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#709 Florida Lottery Winner Caught in a Major Drug Bust

A woman’s van sinks into the river after jumping out of it when a spider falls into her lap… an alligator was spotted chilling on an alligator pool floaty… Florida lottery winner gets caught up in a major drug bust… Phoenix firefighters save snakes and other reptiles from a burning home…  a man goes on…

Daily Podcast (05.22.19)

News (00:00:00)  Entertainment News (00:12:21) Connoisseur (00:44:41) Bizarre File & Fox Good Day (01:08:49) The City Beat: Scoo from Jacks NYB, Jason Segel & Cadence (01:21:58) Take Steps Walk for Crohns (01:56:20) Bizarre File (02:10:22) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:26:03) Wrap Up (02:43:25)
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