#671 Which is worse: One snake in your boot or 45 under your house?

Law enforcement in Maryland arrested a man dressed as a unicorn and wielding a crow bar… 37 year old man suffered significant injuries after his mother ran him over after he had been drinking all day… Man was arrested for attempted murder after a car ran into a gym at 2am…. 15 y/o student’s head…

Daily Podcast (03.25.19)

News (00:00:00) Entertainment News (00:13:32) Alternative Medicine (00:43:45) Bizarre File / Lewis Checchia for the Philadelphia Furball (01:12:19) Kenneth J. Lacovara, Ph.D. Explorer's Award (01:26:26) Shoot the Ship (02:00:06) Bizarre File (02:20:28) Hollywood Trash & Music News (02:31:16) Wrap Up (02:45:36)
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#670 Drunk Man Attacks Woman With Pancake Batter, Arrested On BATTERY

Arby’s manager facing felony charges after an employee pepper sprayed him and chased him with a knife… Man shot himself in the foot because he threw his shoe at a cockroach... Man arrested after pleasuring himself in front of employees with a disability claim... Miami marlins are going to a break a weird Florida law…