5 Things We Learned From Talking With Corey Taylor [INTERVIEW]

Stone Sour were in town last week for a show with Korn at the BB&T Pavilion. The Great Big Mouth Corey Taylor and Philly native Christian Martucci stopped by the MMR studios before the show for a chat with Jaxon - Here's 5 things we learned!

(Stream the full interview at the end of this list)

1. "Song #3" is two different songs mashed up.

Stone Sour's single off of Hydrograd is actually a franken-song: "The verse is from one song, the chorus is from another... so you put 'em together, one, two... three!"

Stone Sour - Song #3 [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Stone Sour's official music video for "Song #3" from the album Hydrograd, available now on Roadrunner Records.

2. Slipknot probably won't reconvene for a while.

Corey says of Slipknot's hiatus: "I won't even start thinking about new Slipknot stuff for probably another year or so. Everyone else is enjoying their time off... I'm obviously a masochist, so I don't enjoy time off at all- I detest sleep! ...When the time comes it'll be time to do it... (but) I'm starting to jot some stuff down."

3. Nickelback apologized for Chad Kroeger's recent insults.

Corey explained that he doesn't want fans to hold a grudge against the rest of Nickelback just because of this silly war of words. "As soon as that story hit, the band called and apologized... 'It's not us, it's Chad!'"

4. Corey and Christian are impressed with Philly cheesesteaks, but moreso with the Rocky statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

"I love the fact that there was a longer line at the Rocky statue than the actual art museum... That's America!"

5. They've got another project in the works: Bunk Sock.

They haven't written any music yet, but their new band plays "nothing but hits", and they don't wear a lot of clothing... but the clothing they DO wear is shiny and spandex. Hmmm....

They also covered childhood dreams, Chester Bennington, Corey's new book 'America 51' and more... Listen to the full interview: