WMMR Public Affairs - Safe Injection Sites

Recently the city of Philadelphia, The Dept. of Public Health announced that they were beginning the process of setting up safe injection sites in heavy use areas as one way to battle the opioid epidemic. City Managing Director, Michael DiBerardinis and City Health Commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley, were in the studio to discuss why they believed safe injection sites would be beneficial in Philadelphia as a part of the battle to stop the opioid poisioning epidemic that is running rampant, not only in Philadelphia, but everywhere, in the United States. The opioid crisis is a sensitive and difficult issue to discuss. And, it is so complex that it's going to take multiple solutions working together to get the situation under control. That includes communities working together. Dr. Farley and Mike DiBerardinis were here to discuss the research the City of Philadelphia did by visiting a safe injection site in the city of Vancouver, BC.  They went into detail about their research and why they came to the decision they did. You can get more information about the opioid epidemic at www.phila.gov. and be sure to follow the Philadelphia Department of Public Health on Twitter. Beasley Broadcasting Group Incorporated is fully aware of the opioid epidemic plaguing the USA and is also actively working with their respective radio communities to help get this epidemic under control. You can follow Beasley Broadcasting Group on LinkedIn, Facebook  to keep up with BBGI's involvement in our respective communities. Thank you so much for listening,

Markus Goldman