Keep the Arts Alive at the Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville
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October 262020 - December 312020

Help save a local legend in Phoenixville!

The Colonial Theatre (aka Home of The Blob) is facing an unusually challenging winter: one in which we’re nearly 100% dependent on donations for survival. They’ve launched their (first ever) GoFundMe campaign. 

While many other theaters across the nation were making agonizing choices in the springtime, an outpouring of donations, the Payroll Protection Program, and emergency grants made it possible for them to delay messages like these.

By December 31st, they have to raise $150,000 to meet their financial obligations and are banking on your help to raise at least a third of that total. 

If you are able to contribute, please do so via their GoFundMe page HERE.

The campaign has a few incredible incentives, like:

  • The first-ever Grand Marshall of Blobfest
  • Introducing Live Concerts (when they come back)
  • Programming Classic Films for a month
  • A Private show of The Blob at Blobfest 2021