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GHOST TRAIN 2023 WON 1st PRIZE!!! Here is the Photo Gallery from my Photographer Lisa Melagrano at Dulcet Tones Photography. Please go her FB page for all members in Golden Sunrise NYA Photos!!  This is my 6th First Prize with Golden Sunrise NYA in this prestigious Handsome Costume Category.

My Theme came to life with many people making my dream come true r to his year. I’ve been marching in the Mummers Day Parade my entire life and marched in all 5 Divisions and each year becomes something more than the year before. Whether it’s the planning of the suit, the costume,the sketches, the theme the music mix with my drack pack marshals that always guide me, I’m always left the next day with a full heart. Our Mummers community is the bedrock of Broad Street and I’m lucky to partake in the Parade with friends who have become Family, traditions which have been passed through Generations, but through everything still… New Year’s Day remains the same: My favorite day of the Year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and can’t wait to Strut for you again in ‘24!!


Bam Bam