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Superbad stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera appeared on The Preston & Steve Show to promote the movie.

When Superbad premiered in 2007, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera weren’t big Hollywood stars yet. The instant classic launched their careers.

Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, and Bill Hader also played key roles in one of the best comedies of the 21st century.


Superbad was the type of movie that a generation of high schoolers hangs on to and constantly references all the way through adulthood. It was the equivalent to a John Hughes movie two decades after the John Hughes movies came out.

The idea of two rowdy teenage boys just a few weeks shy of graduation meshed flawlessly with the movie’s raunchy sense of humor. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera played two characters with all the wrong things on their minds in the funniest kind of way.

The jokes didn’t leave much to the imagination. The constant sexual references can be a lot to handle, but they sparked the truest humor in Superbad

Unforgettable Scenes

There were the obvious ones. Jonah Hill’s flashback to his childhood of drawing… man parts… isn’t a scene that many people would (or can) forget. The detail that went into the drawings shown during the end credits is astonishing.

McLovin, of course, quickly became a household name after Superbad came out. The 25-year-old organ donor from Hawaii comes up pretty much anytime someone jokes about printing a different name on a fake id.

Filming scenes with a high school kid going joyriding with cops who know exactly how old he is wasn’t the most mannerly idea, but it certainly made for an iconic side plot.

There were the clever one-liners also. You’ll still hear fans of Superbad comparing a bulge to a division sign or someone’s eyes to the first time they heard the Beatles. A list of memorable scenes in Superbad could run a little long. However, enjoy 14 of the best.

  • Funny Thing About My Back


    “You scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours.”

    Seth’s “fo sho” joke isn’t funny, but Jules laughs anyway. It’s one of the first signs that he might actually be getting somewhere.

  • The First Time I Heard The Beatles


    “He’s like the sweetest guy ever. Have you ever stared into his eyes? It was like the first time I heard the Beatles.”

    It’s probably tough to compete with a guy described that way. Seth ultimately found a way to get Jules’ attention though.

  • Staring in Math Class


    “I so flirt with you in math.”
    “Tell me about it. Samesies.”

    Quickly looking out the window wasn’t a very slick cover by Michael Cera’s character. At least it works out for him in the end. The scene adds to one of the movie’s strengths characterizing teenage boys with all the wrong things on their minds.

  • Cargo Shorts


    “No one’s gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since ‘Nam.”

    The whole “since ‘Nam” phrase became a little bit overdone through time. It landed perfectly in 2007, however.

  • Like Slapping God Across the Face


    “That’s like slapping God across the face for giving you a gorgeous gift.”

    Kerry Hutchens deserved relief from that back pain she was experiencing. Seth and Evan had other things on their minds though when they ran to catch a glimpse of the “warlocks” after a breast reduction.

  • McLovin


    “It doesn’t even have a first name. It just says McLovin.”

    The most memorable Superbad reference is just one word: McLovin. A joke that sounded like an Irish R&B singer quickly became a household name.

  • People Don't Forget


    “You’re getting that.”
    “No I’m not!”

    Dave Franco wasn’t a star yet in 2007, but he made his presence known in Superbad. Seth and Evan didn’t seem too worried about gym class and soccer at the time. Their plan to get alcohol for the party was a little bit important.

  • The Hot Mom


    “I am truly jealous you got to suck on those tits when you were a baby.”

    Seth is into Evan’s Mom. It’s not that crazy for a teenage boy to notice an attractive older woman. It’s a little bit unusual to spit out that one-liner though.

  • McLovin Can Take A Beating


    “Don’t you guys need it for like evidence?”
    “The only thing that’s evidence of is that you can take a hit like a champ.”

    Christopher Mintz-Plasse nailed the role of Fogell/McLovin with the perfect awkward touch. He takes a punch in the liquor store robbery and a beating from the bum in the bar. He somehow figures out a way to be the slick “McLovin” anyway.

  • These Eyes


    “My brother came all the way from Scottsdale, Arizona to be here tonight, and you’re not going to sing for him?…You sing, and you sing good!”

    Evan nailed the notes on “These Eyes” by the Guess Who. It’s pretty hard to hear the song without thinking of Superbad now.

  • Blood Brothers


    “That’s the thing. It’s merlot. That’s what you don’t get.”

    If Seth was going to get caught dancing with the host’s girlfriend, this was the perfect way for it to happen. The “blood brothers” excuse aligns perfectly with the humor of the movie.

  • The Infamous Fogell


    “Fogell’s a badass?”

    The strange part of this scene is how genuinely caring the cops seem when they talk to McLovin/Fogell. They have a heart-to-heart in the bedroom and then set him up with a favor with the potential for some long-term benefits.

  • Cameltail

    “I wish there were more pants where there aren’t.”

    The “division sign” probably wasn’t something you wanted to picture in your head. It gave you a good laugh though.

  • Drawing Dicks


    “One day, I’m finishing up this real big, veiny, triumphant bastard.”

    The scene was unusual, but the dick drawings were stunning and ridiculous enough to leave a lasting impression. It was creative (in a strange sort of way) when end credits showed all the best drawings.

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