Photo by Steven Sebring

MMRBQ is on September 16 at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion and there are some songs we want to hear from Billy Idol.

46 years into his recording career, Billy Idol is still the evermoving myth he’s been since he first stepped on stage. 

His name was supposed to be “Idle”  but someone wrote it wrong. “Idol.” And that’s what he became: An idol. But this idol is not made of stone. And he’s certainly not stuck on a pedestal to be done and dusted. Billy Idol insists on being today’s news, not just yesterday’s memory. And if you think Idol is Idle, you haven’t heard “The Cage” EP.

The Cage” EP is his latest on Dark Horse Records. It’s four tracks that engage you like classic Idol, yet keep your eyebrows raised like you’re hearing the loud music coming out of our teenager’s room.

Billy Idol has a lengthy career with so many hits. It’s almost hard to pick from his stellar lineup. But there are definitely songs that are must-hears for us. The punk-rocker is sure to light up the MMRBQ stage and make us dance (but not with ourselves).

Here are 7 songs we want to hear from Billy Idol at MMRBQ:

  • "Rebel Yell"

    This classic screamer is sure to get the crowd on their feet. It’s one of the most quintessential songs of his catalog. We GOTTA hear it!

  • "Eyes Without A Face"

    Does this seem out-of-the-box to you? Because it’s not. It’s one of his greatest songs. Plus, we wanna hear slow-jams too!

  • "Cage"

    Of course we want to hear the lead single off his new EP! This song is Billy Idol back to his roots (as if he ever strayed…).

  • "White Wedding"

    This intense classic is another must-hear. It’s the perfect amount of punk that we all need in our lives.

  • "Running From The Ghost"

    This new track is full of the intensity we know Billy Idol for. And again, of course we NEED to hear the new stuff at MMRBQ.

  • "Dancing With Myself"

    To get the crowd dancing, of course. This is just an all-around great song. A total classic.

  • Mony Mony

    “Mony Mony” is another dance-y track! It’s so fun and upbeat. We definitely want to hear it at MMRBQ.

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