Happy friends have a party watching football match.

Have you ever seen a Football Block Pool and wonder exactly how it works? We’re here to spell it out for you:

  • Start with a Grid:

    Draw a grid with 10 rows across and 10 rows down for a total of 100 squares.

  • Fill in the contestant names:

    Write the name of participant into a square. If there are 100 participants, then each person gets one block. In the event that getting more than one block is an option, then the same name can be written into multiple blocks. (only 1 block per person for The Preston & Steve + Dunkin promotion).  

  • Label The Squares:

    Randomly write numbers 0 – 9 on each axis of the grid. Hosts get creative with how to pick the random order of numbers, the key to remember is that the order is completely random.

  • Label Home and Away Teams:

    Just like picking the numbers to label the axis’ of the blocks, randomly pick which axis is the home and away team.

  • Picking Winners:

    The winner is decided by looking at the last number in each teams’ score and then matching those numbers on the grid where the squares intersect. Traditionally, winners are selected to win smaller prizes at the end of the First, Second and Third Quarters. The grand prize is awarded to the person who matches the final score of the game.

  • Need more explanation?

    This quick video is an easy visual.

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