Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Local troubadours, The Quixote Project, are making waves following their new album Through The Thicket. Their new single is called “Into The Old.”

I had the pleasure of seeing this group on Sunday, October 15, 2023, at Ark Road Brewery.

Frontman Jeff Selby with a revolving cast of musicians has distilled the multi-genre sounds of a beachfront music festival into a remarkably cohesive live set. They have hints of bluegrass, folk, and rock. It’s a style that cannot be pigeonholed. You can call it “jam” if you’d like. But the songwriting is pretty pop-oriented.

They describe themselves and their sound as “Americana that pulls from traditional genres to blur the lines of modern music.” Boy is that the truth.

I more than strongly recommend checking them out and heading over to one of their upcoming shows. I will list a few out for you here so you can pick and choose when to see this epic act.

We got a ton of pictures when we ventured over to Ark Brewery to see them. Of course, we had a blast seeing this band and hanging out at a great venue.

Check out all the great moments from seeing The Quixote Project:

  • Firstly, Upcoming Events

    You do not want to miss any of this. I swear, find a date, and try to make it!

  • And Another

    know your neighbors

    Live music starts right next door around 8 p.m. at the Brewery! Get ready to move, and feel all the vibrations. $10 at the door to enter. You can move freely between both venues.

  • One More

    quixote project

    You’ve got time. They’ve got a lot of local events spanning into December, plus more! Go see them.

  • Now, For My Pictures

    Jacky BamBam and the Quixote project

    Here I am with the whole band.

    Lead vocals: Jeff Selby

    Vocals and guitar: Dustin Windish 

    Bass: Brett Riley

    Drums: Ryan Wayne Patterson

  • Me And My Pal

    Jacky BamBam and dustin windish

    Here I am with Brett Riley. Rockin’ out!

  • Happy To Watch

    brittany Saul dratman, Katie Walsh, genni Rodriguez, and benny

    In this shot, we have Brittany, Saul Dratman, Katie Walsh, Genni Rodriguez, and Benny, enjoying the show.

  • Getting Involved

    Jacky BamBam and the Quixote project

    I got up there and totally enjoyed myself with the band. They’re awesome.

  • Jams

    Jacky BamBam and the Quixote project

    Their performance was so unique.

  • Rockin' Out

    Jacky BamBam and the Quixote project

    Of course, I’m still up there. I’m a professional hype man by trade. You didn’t know that?

  • Last Day

    Jacky BamBam and ark brewery GM Andrew weeks

    This is Ark Brewery GM Andrew Weeks. It was his LAST DAY. What a way to celebrate going out. The Brewery was celebrating his depature.

  • Peace!

    Jacky BamBam and Saul dratman

    Here I am inside the brewery with Saul Dratman. It was an amazing time.

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