Zero & Hazzard’s Cat Club is also on facebook. We would love to see your cat photos and videos! you can post them on the facebook page, send them to Jacky on facebook, email [email protected] or [email protected]. LOVE the stories!

  • Layla's Cooper and Char

    Layla's Cooper and Char

    Cooper on the left and Char”Lena” on the right. Both adopted, both very spoiled. Coopers original name was Sinclair and I simply renamed him for the first street I passed after adopting him. Lena was renamed after a Frank Zappa song because my dad is a huge fan.

  • Nicole's Bella

    Nicole's Bella

    Bella for the close up. She is very spicy.

  • Dawn's Cat

    Dawn's Cat

  • Nicole's Savannah

    Nicole's Savannah

    Savannah. I told her this is not lady like but she doesn’t care. This is how she watches TV.

  • Michael's Cosmo

    Michael's Cosmo

    This is Cosmo (king of the house despite what the dog thinks)
    Michael Downing
    Listening from Georgia (by way of South Jersey)
    Keep on rocking!

  • Clare and Steve Morrison's Precious

    Clare and Steve Morrison's Precious

    Clare and Steve Morrison's Precious

  • Jeffro's Luna

    Jeffro's Luna

    Jeffro's Luna

    Jacky, My Kitty fist pumps! A few Pix.

    Jeffro’s Luna. Jacky, My Kitty fist pumps!

  • Nicole's Peanut

    Nicole's Peanut Peanut my not so big runt
    Peanut my not so big runt.

  • Jim's Squeeker

    Jim's Squeeker
    RIP, Squeeker. you were quite the kitty!
    -So sorry for your loss Jim. <3 Robin

  • Ashley's Daisy

    Ashley's Daisy
    My name is Ashley and this is my cat, Daisy. We are from Delran, NJ. Daisy is such a sweet cat, friendly to all, but she definitely is a troublemaker too!

  • Sheri's Salem and Smokie

    Sheri's Salem and Smokie

  • Bambi's Screaming Mimi

    Bambi's Screaming Mimi

  • Lynn & Jenn's Kingston and Princess

    Lynn's Kingston and Princess

    Hi Jacky!!!

    These are twins Kingston and Princess. They were supposed to be barn cats, but Kingston was too gentle. He is a gentle giant and his sister is a sweet hugging Princess.

    These are 2 of our 6. Will send you pics of the others soon.

    Lynn and Jenn from West Chester!

  • Al Delbuono's Kitties

    Get well soon Al! We are thinking of you. Love all your kitties!
    Al Delbuono's kitties
    Al Delbuono's kitties
    Al Delbuono's kitties Al Delbuono's kitties
    Al Delbuono's kitties Al Delbuono's kitties
    Al Delbuono's Polly
    This is Polly. She was found on the train tracks in Palmyra.

  • Darlene's Mr. Whiskers

    Darlene's Mr. Whiskers

    Mr. Whiskers couldn’t figure out how to get out

    Darlene's Mr. Whiskers

  • Monica's Trixie

    Monica's Trixie

    This is Trixie, from the land of the ice and the snow (Albany, NY)

  • Andrea's Baby

    Andrea's Baby

  • Kimi's Kat

    Kimi's Kat

  • Jeffrey's Jasper

    Jeffrey's Jasper

    Hey Jacky! this is my cat Jasper, he’s 13 and he got stuck in a rock and a hard place lol! I got other cats, I’m just waiting to do their photo op! There in their dressing room grooming or on the Nip!

  • Clare and Steve Morrison's Punky

    Clare and Steve Morrison's Punky

    Check out Punky’s Patnry on Punky’s Pantry will supply cat food donations to community cat caregivers caring for TNR colonies in and around the Philadelphia area.

    Punky was their first Philly adoption and she embodied everything that is good about her city. Many know the story of how Punky insisted on being their cat, and they are so thankful that they finally listened to her. She will be missed and loved forever.

  • Monica's Trixie

    Monica's Trixie

    Waiting for Uncle Jacky on the radio!

    Monica's Trixie

  • Dave's Slayer

    Dave's Slayer
    This is my cat Slayer! He is a Maine Coon, and he loves cat treats more than anyone else! He’s 16 years old, but still a very fast and loving cat!

  • Ian's Little Dude

    Zero and Hazzard Ian's Little Dude
    So anyway this is my cat. His name is Little Dude but I usually call him little guy, little buddy, what’s up, hey there dude, my little guy, etc… I rescued him from the Camden county shelter in February 2015.

  • Lisa's Robin

    This is Robin, named after the man of a thousand voices, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.
    This is Robin, named after the man of a thousand voices, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick.
    Lisa and Robin hail from Florence NJ.

  • Diana's Lily

    Diana's Lily

  • Hazzard


  • Dave's son broke the myth of cat beds and boxes!

    Zero and Hazzard Dave's Cat

  • Stacey's Georgie

    Stacey's Georgie

    My Georgie! He’s one of 4!

  • Trisha's Daisy Jones and the 6

     Trisha's Daisy Jones and the 6

    So named as she is a polydactyl.

  • Frank's Penelope

    Frank's Penelope

    Penelope! Age 9.

  • Shawn's Frick and Frack

     Shawn's Frick and Frack  Shawn's Frick and Frack

  • Pat's Meghan and MoMo

    Pat's Meghan and MoMo

  • Tina's Mitzy and Klaus

    Tina's Mitzy and Klaus

  • Prentice's Leona

    Prentice's Leona

    Leona enjoys making music. ♥️

  • L'aura's Pierre & Fereshte

    L'aura's Pierre

    This is Pierre He was the much abused runt of the litter and is my mainstay.

    L'aura's Fereshte

    Fereshte (angel in Persian) passed away five days ago… she was a beauty…

  • Andrea's Cody

     Andrea's Cody

    This is Cody….I woke him up on a rainy day to see if he was hungry…he was 2 hours late for dinner….this is the stink eye I got from him for waking him

  • Debbie's Zak

    Debbie's Zak

    Zak the Cat, Retired Therapy Puss! Zak loved visiting the nursing homes and loved crawling in bed with the ladies!

  • Jen's Reginald

    Jen's Reginald
    This is Reginald ❤️ I walked into my local SPCA last December, just before Christmas and he furiously started yelling at me for attention, so I scooped him up and brought him home. He’s all attitude and love, I’m so happy he saw me and knew he found his place.

  • Christine's Lynx

     Christine's Lynx
    Lynx Moorestown NJ

  • Marie's Buddy, Sophie, and Trucker

    Marie's Buddy Sophie and Trucker
    Buddy, Sophie, and Trucker on neighborhood watch.

  • Michael's Cat Maval with a Preston and Steve Calendar!

     Michael's Cat

  • Patty's Bootz

    Patty's Boots
    Because I’m worth it!

  • Jennifer's son, Wynne with Nevermore

     Jennifer's son, Wynne with Nevermore
    This is our cat Nevermore. He comforts my son Wynne while he does schoolwork each day. Nevermore shows up to make a lot of moments in our lives better.

  • Michael's Maval

    Michael's Maval
    My Bengal cat named Maval that came from SC. She loves her family and all her cat brothers and sisters.

  • Deborah's Cat

    Deborah's Cat

  • Marsha's Peter

    Zero and Hazzard Marsha's Peter
    Watching the “ Call me Kat” show.

  • Lesley's Stir Fry

    Zero and Hazzard Lesley's Stir Fry

  • Laurie's Charlie

    Laurie's Charlie
    This is Charlie girl, she was found hanging around my backyard, think a neighbor passed and she was left outside to try to survive. Got her to the vet, bloodwork & shots no micro chip and congrats we got another lil girl. 🖤

  • Pam's LaRue

    Pam's LaRue

  • Diana's Bella and Ginger

    Diana's Bella and Ginger
    I have “Queen” Bella she was adopted from Animal Welfare association I say Queen because her persona is “Queen Elizabeth.
    Then we have Ginger. Ginger was rescued from the “Streets of Philladelphia” while my husband was Painting props for the Mummer parade years ago!

  • Richard's Vanelope Von Schweetz

    Richard's Vanelope Von Schweetz
    Vanelope Von Schweetz, about 4 years old, kitten from a feral cat.

  • Bob's Shadow

    Bob's Shadow
    My cat shadow he chases light reflections. He on a five foot tower trying to get the light on the ceiling. He 18 pounds as well almost twice the size of our other 2 cats.

  • John's Paco

     John's Paco

  • Maggie's Allie

     Maggie's Allie
    I adopted this little demon kitty 8 1/2 years ago from PAWS after I saw his adoption picture on their website. I had no intentions of adopting a black cat… I actually wanted an orange tabby! But as I read on and looked at the stories of the least adopted, it turns out that the black cats needed homes desperately.

    Allie wasn’t my first choice either. He was third. I had found two different ones… One named Cyrus and then one named Maynard. (Some would say after a.rock singer… Thinking it’s Tool, but I was thinking more like Maynard T Krebs from Dobie Gillis.) When those two weren’t available, I saw Allie’s goofy look.

    He was sweet, about a year and a half old, and sighed in my arms as I asked him if he wanted to go home. Once I got him home, he immediately swore he owned the house, and all humans merely just existed in it. As they called him at the shelter, Mr Allie Cat, still has “Cattitude” and will be 10 on July 13th. (they knew his actual birthday, so I celebrate both his birthday and the day he gained his furever home). I suspect he was mistreated, which might explain his minimal touch and his lash-out sessions when he’s overhandled. But he knows he’s spoiled rotten, and I would not have it any other way.

  • John's Bailey

    John's Bailey
    In February of 2021 on the freezing snowy streets of Riverside this cat kept coming in on our porch to get warm, so I put some food out for him. A couple weeks went by and he came in on our porch with his face all bloody so we cleaned him up and let him go. I week later he came back and he looked worse. I told the wife “we need to take him in, he’s not going to make it”. We got him to the vet and all cleaned up. He is now one of the cutest, sweetest cats I have ever known. ❤️

  • Wendy's Tabitha

    Wendy's Tabitha
    Tabitha – mom left her. My son and I became her mom she loves you when she wants too. LOL

  • Laurie's Lucy

    Laurie's Lucy
    This is Lucy, another rescue adoption of a Siamese mix, she’s a wild child but I Love Lucy 🤎🤍🖤

  • Kevin's Cats

    Kevin's Cats
    My wife wanted cats- we have 3. I’m the one who feeds them so of course they’re always focusing all their attention on me!

  • Kevin's Oreo

     Kevin's Oreo
    This is Oreo…he would’ve been 18 tomorrow if we hadn’t lost him 4 months ago today…coolest and best buddy ever 💙

    -So sorry for your loss Kevin. – Robin <3

  • Janet's Chief

    Janet's Chief
    This is Chief. He is 7 and was rescued from a shelter. He loves to investigate anything new. 🖤

  • Marion's Jax and Boo

     Marion's Jax and Boo
    Marion Powell
    my boyz ( brothers)
    they’ll be 4 5/20
    Jax has the white badge and the other is my
    Black cats rule 🐈‍⬛
    luv ya BAM

  • Agnes' Kiedis

    Agnes' Kiedis
    This is Kiedis helping w/the laundry

  • Peggy's Poppy

    Peggy's Poppy
    This is Poppy! Adopted her 5 1/2 years ago, she is the sweetest girl!

  • Laurie's Kit Kat

    Laurie's Kit Kat
    Meet Kit Kat. He’s an adult declawed male I took in when my best friend passed away. 😢💔❤️‍🩹 We love this big hunka chunka.

  • Blair's Merlin and Sweet Pea

     Blair's Merlin and Sweet Pea
    This is Merlin and Sweet Pea. We lost Merlin last December (stomach cancer) and we lost Sweet Pea last January. 😢
    -So sorry for your loss! -Robin

  • Kirsten's Tabitha

    Kirsten's Tabitha
    My beautiful Tabitha 🖤. She was a feral kitten that was rescued by a friend after her Mother was hit by a car.

  • Eric's Chloe and Zoey

    Eric's Chloe and Zoey
    The sisters of slack, Chloe and Zoey

  • Cyane's Chloe and Athena

    Cyane's Chloe and Athena
    This is our old lady Chloe. She is about 16 years old and her best friend is our dog Athena.

  • Tommy's Koji

     Tommy's Koji
    This is Koji, he’s a ragdoll and he loves to go places, like shopping or little road trips.

  • Stephanie's Little Man, Little Prince and Dracson

    Stephanie's Little Man, Little Prince and Dracson

  • Gayle's Babies

    Gayle's Babies
    These are my 4 babies
    Sinder….bigger gray
    Crue…..gray stripped
    Graycie….little gray
    Sinder and Ella are sisters, Crue was a stray and had to hand feed her for 4 weeks and she tortures sinder and Ella,and Graycie was from a strays litter and Crue thinks she is her mom and doesn’t bother with the other 2 anymore! ❤️

  • Jacky Bam Bam's Research Assistant Vinnie's Jaxon, Sammy and Levi

    Zero and Hazzard Vinnie's Jaxon Zero and Hazzard Vinnie's Sammy Zero and Hazzard Vinnie's Levi

    Levi, Sammy & Jaxon are the cat trio. Jaxon and Levi are best buds playing with each other most of the time. Levi was found as a stray in 2020 and he’s a love bug who will act all parkour when he’s around and will purr and lay on top of you if he loves you enough, and extra kisses when you give him belly rubs. Not to mention shedding fur on the bed. Haha.
    Sammy is the oldest one who isn’t the most social around the other pets and not exactly the brightest but he does more than make up for it by giving headbutts for people he likes and will put his paw up whenever he wants a pet, he likes it most if you stroke his head.
    Jaxon (initially named Romeo) is the fluffiest and youngest of the trio and would love to play with Levi, hang around in mom’s bedroom and is the one often running late whenever it is dinner time.
    Each one of them loves dry food for breakfast, wet food at dinner and a tiny snack of dry food before bed.
  • Marie's Izzie

    Marie's Izzie
    This is Izzie! She’s a rescue from Providence Animal Center. She likes to watch TV. When she hears the TV turn on or hears us changing channels, she runs to the center of the TV and watches. Sometimes she jumps up on the entertainment center and starts swatting at things on the screen. She’s the third black cat that I’ve ever had. Black cats are the best!

  • Kathy's Seamus and Belle

    Kathy's Seamus and Belle

    This is Seamus and Belle. Don’t let the coziness fool you. Seamus sits on her so he can have her spot. He likes sitting in the window box while he “watches cartoons”. He also loves snuggling with his mama (me) and suckle on his woobie. And Belle likes to hang out with me while I’m in the bathroom. Closed doors do not work! She will yell and try to crawl under the door. But, I do love them! 🥰

  • Cyane's Daughter's Kyla and her cat Mittens

    Cyane's Daughter's Kyla and her cat Mittens
    This is my daughter and her cat Mittens. She loves Kyla and loves sitting in the sun!!!

  • Lauren's Daisy-Mae

    Lauren's Daisy-MaeThis is Daisy-Mae! Her former name was Twizzler. She is not much of a twizzler, however, she is so pretty like a daisy. She is currently five years old, turning six on May 26th. We had adopted her from Voorhees Animal Orphanage. From what we know of her past, her previous owner did malicious things which they got arrested, and the cat to be taken away. But anywho, ever since we adopted her, she has been very playful, loving, caring, and absolutely one of the best cats I’ve ever known. She is such a light and a personality to be around. She is absolutely loved and spoiled. She can get a little sassy when treats come along, however, it is very important to give the orphanage animals another chance for a new loving home. Daisy-Mae is my little Bengal-Tabby girl❤️ #adoptdontshop

  • Arlene's Puffin

    Arlene's Puffin

    Our rescue Puffin

  • Zero and Hazzard examining their cool new Mummer Hat

    Zero and Hazzard Mummers Hat

  • Hazzard


    The sensitive samurai, Hazzard!

  • Kathy's Riley and Carthage-Sparta

    Kathy's Riley

    Riley – I had adopted a cat in 2008 and immediately upon bringing him home, he vanished into the depths of the house. Early the next morning I heard a cat meowing and that it was the one I adopted. So skulking through the neighbors yard looking for my adopted cat I encountered this ball of grey fur meowing for attention. 14 1/2 years later ( she turned 15 this year) she rules the roost.

     Kathy's Carthage-Sparta

    Carthage-Sparta- In 2019 she was found on the streets of West Philly abandoned in a doorway overnight. She was 8 weeks old and very feisty. Her original name was Carthage-Phoenix, but my roommate at the time was so taken with her due to her spicy attitude he walked around calling her Sparta Kitty. The name stuck.

  • Debbie's Zak

    Zero and Hazzard Debbie's Zak
    Meet Zak! He loves catnip! His drug of choice!

  • Stephanie's 6 cats

    Zero and Hazzard Stephanie's 6 cats
    We have 6 cats! Yes I said 6! If you look closely at the picture towards the right, you see a cat. They are Mac, Cheese, Uncle Vinny, Junior, (they are all brothers and sisters from two different litters) then we have Harley and Monkey! We also take care of feral cats outside. Everyone calls me a crazy cat lady! They are on special dry food. I also cook for them. I think I actually cook more for them than I do for my husband. LOL. I even had my husband just buy a second litter robot for them. My husband was always a dog person, but when our dog passed away a few years ago I was against getting another dog. It’s just hard when you have a dog and you go away. Somebody needs to come and take care of that dog for you, cats are much easier. He was definitely against getting cats, but as you can see by the picture, he is their jungle gym!! And don’t let him kid you, he loves them! Who else would get up everyday even on your day off at 6am and feed them?

  • Sharon's Smokey

    Zero and Hazzard Sharon's Smokey
    Smokey doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s surfing Facebook. He’ll be 18 this year.

  • Richard's Princess and Kenobi

    Zero and Hazzard Richard's Princess Zero and Hazzard Richard's Kenobi
    Princess, about 12 years old, rescued from an abusive home. She’s my lap cat. Kenobi, about 3 1/2, re-homed at 2 years when someone was moving and could not take him to their new home.

  • Sherrie's Fuzzy Butt

    Zero and Hazzard Sherrie's Fuzzy
    Hi, this is Sherrie (aka Batgirl) hailing from Roslyn Pa. And this lady was Fuzzy Butt! She was my baby for 15 years. She crossed the rainbow bridge a couple years ago, but she certainly was a mischievous girl til the end. Miss her everyday. This here was one of her “Can I have more nip please?”

  • Sam's Loki

    Zero and Hazzard Sam's Loki
    Loki got me out of a traffic ticket on the night I brought him home.

  • Sam's Ghost

    Zero and Hazzard Sam's Ghost
    Ghost is such a special guy. He showed up at our house one day, and he was just too friendly and sweet to stay outside.
    Zero and Hazzard Sam's Ghost
    This is Ghost with my late Grandfather Edwin Hammond. Ghost LOVED him so much. He and my Uncle Paul (Yes, Paul Hammond from GET THE LED OUT!!! so awesome) would stop by our house every Wednesday on their weekly trip to the Lansdale Meat Market and D-Town guitars. My Grandfather would come and jam a little with my mom sometimes and Ghost loved it so much, he would always sit right next to him while he was playing. Sadly my Grandad passed away in November last year; he was such an awesome guy. He built and played guitars and was always busy doing some sort of project.
    <3  Thanks for sharing Sam!-Robin Lee

  • Sam's Freddie

    Zero and Hazzard Sam's Freddie
    All are so friendly; they love EVERYONE. A new person = more attention.

  • Hella's Jasmine

    Hella's Jasmine
    This is Jasmine,she 14 years old.She is blind now but we walk outside and she like to lay in the sun.

  • Judy's Bentley

    Zero and Hazzard Judy's Bentley
    This is Bentley B and he’s our 3rd rescue cat and we just love him

  • Rachel's Ouija and Nosferatu

    Rachel's Nosferatu
    Nosferatu- found abandoned in a cart outside of my job at a vet hospital. he chose me before i even had the chance to choose him 🖤

    Rachel's Ouija
    aaaaand Ouija. the last one left from a litter that was left by a former tenant in an empty apartment

  • Laurie's Delilah

    Laurie's Delilah
    My my my Delilah! I’ve had her since she was a kitten 💙 she is 13 and has lots of new friends!

    Laurie's Tupelo
    This is my Tupelo (2pellow) Pussycat, a Craigslist find! He’s a sweet flame point Siamese rescued from a kill shelter in WV and brought to PA. We Love him so much!

  • Karen's Kip

    Karen's Kip
    This is Kip. He is the sweetest boy ☺️

  • Sara's Bo


    Here is a picture of my Maine Coon cat, Bo! He’s a real love bug. Black cats are good luck!!🐈‍⬛

  • Alison's Boys

    Alison Price's boys
    These are my boys, they’re brothers, and they spend their days talking to the birds and squirrels.

  • Nancy's Hope

    This is Hope. Three years old. A rescue who was found on the porch of an abandoned house in Philly. She’s a dilute tortie and has the attitude that goes with it!

  • Zero Lounging...where are my servants?


  • Hazzard says to keep the tunes coming

    Hazzard says to keep the tunes coming

  • Dave's cats Midnite and Onyx

    Dave's cats Midnite and Onyx

  • Cintra's Frankie Flowers DAlfonso

    Cintra's Frankie Flowers D'Alfonso
    Frankie Flowers D’Alfonso was found in a co-worker’s flowerpot in the co-worker’s backyard. She brought him to work for everyone to see him, and he was such an amazing kitten that Cintra took him home. Here he is grown up.

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