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How Far Does a $100,000 Salary Go in Pennsylvania?

It's safe to say that a $100,000 salary is a certainly a good income level. But, it varies depending on where you live. For example, living on a $100,000 salary might be very difficult in New York City. But, in most areas of the country, it should be more than enough to live comfortably. That said, how far does a $100,000 salary go in Pennsylvania? There's a new study out from Gobankingrates.com. They emphasize that living in bigger cities can be more expensive than living in smaller cities, so their study focuses on major cities. "What seems like a high salary on paper — $100,000 — might not look quite so huge once you see how much income taxes and basic expenses cost in some of America's largest cities," they state. "Some states take a bigger bite in taxes, while others don't even apply an income tax, making that same number vary widely, depending on where you live." The top 10 most expensive cities, according to this study, are New York; San Francisco; San Jose, California; San Diego; Boston; Oakland, California; Los Angeles; Washington; Miami and Long Beach, California, in that order. Of course New York would be the most expensive, right? Also, cities on the West and East Coasts of the U.S. have the most expensive costs of living. So, how far will a $100,000 salary go in Pennsylvania? This study looked at Philadelphia, in particular. They discovered that for someone with a $100,000 salary, their net annual pay after income taxes is around $71,095. Generally, looking at expenses, their annual rent is $20,328; annual groceries is $5,846; annual healthcare is $5,973; and annual utilities is $4,899. Also, annual transportation costs are $7,615; annual miscellaneous costs are $1,052; and total expenses are $45,713. Finally, income leftover after expenses is $25,382. "The City of Brotherly Love isn't very friendly when it comes to most expenses," they note. "However, housing costs here are almost 25% less than the national average." Find the full list here. [select-listicle listicle_id="275543" syndication_name="7-easy-ways-to-make-extra-money" description="no"]

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