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Today the world lost TV talk show and television personality Jerry Springer. At age 79, the iconic talk show host lost his short battle with cancer, TMZ reports.

Throughout his career, Jerry held many jobs, all prominent in their own way. He became an attorney, after serving as a political campaign adviser to Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. He was the mayor of Cincinnati for two years, partner of a law firm for 12 years all before his storied broadcast career began.  Remember Judge Jerry, his run on America’s Got Talent or Baggage, on GSN?

Of course you do, but they were blips compared to the juggernaut that was “The Jerry Springer Show”. It was twenty-seven years of chaotic drama, censor-filled arguments, and an undisclosed number of thrown chairs.

Springer was best known for handling other people’s controversies, and finding some sort of peace between all the parties involved. And it not, making sure that the troublemakers were escorted out of the building. To end with a moment of zen, every show always wrapped up in a beautiful bow with Jerry’s Final Thoughts.

Below we have compiled five of his most impactful pieces of advice that still apply:

  • “Love Can’t Just Be an Obligation”

    In this clip, Jerry talks about our potential longing for love and how just because one person loves another does not make it the other person’s obligation to love them back. Poetic. 

  • “People are thinking with what is between their legs not with what is between their shoulders”

    Springer had a way to make tumultuous situations seem rather simple with his Final Thoughts, and this Final Thought proves the true aspect of how people think when it comes to both our romantic and platonic relationships. 

  • “To risk a friendship for a romance, often a momentary one, is a one-way ticket to disaster”

    Jerry doesn’t hold back in this clip, showing that solid friendships are much harder to come by, and should be much more cherished than a short-term romance. 

  • “We love who we love often against our own better judgement even knowing it’s potentially destructive”

    In this clip, Jerry explains the idea that we feel things at a different level than we genuinely think when it comes to the relationships we encounter throughout life. 

  • “Deep down, we are all alike”

    In Jerry’s very last Final Thought, he talks about the experience he had on the show and was realistic with fans about the lives that his guests live. He made his name not by having big-name stars as guests, but rather everyday people like you and me. He showed that we all had similar problems, thoughts and feelings. Most importantly, he showed that we had a platform to talk about those things. 

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