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What To Know About The Amazing New Dirty Honey Track ‘Won’t Take Me Alive’

93.3 WMMR has debuted the new Dirty Honey track, "Won't Take Me Alive." The MMRBQ Featured Artist is back with their first single from their upcoming sophomore album. Can’t Find the Brakes is due out this fall. “Won’t Take Me Alive" started as an instrumental idea. Guitarist John Notto's home studio served as the studio for the demo. “Won’t Take Me Alive” comes with the final leg of Dirty Honey’s UK/European headline tour. Dirty Honey launches the first leg of their 2023-24 world tour in North America this September. Guess what? If you didn't already know, they're also a headliner at MMRBQ on September 16, 2023. The track's producer is Nick DiDia. It was recorded at his Byron Bay studio in Australia. It's loaded with Marc LaBelle’s sleazy, passionate vocals and in-your-face attitude. Plus, bassist Justin Smolian’s throbbing bass and new drummer Jaydon Bean’s grooves really make it all pop.  The song is full of sex and swagger, but it’s still got the heaviness and the fun the band is about. It's really great because it's quintessential Dirty Honey with a fresh twist. We can't wait to hear the new Dirty Honey track "Won't Take Me Alive," this September at MMRBQ. This band totally rocks! [select-listicle listicle_id="887105" syndication_name="dirty-honey-mmrbq-2023" description="yes"]

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