Entertainment Roundup

John. F***ING. Travolta visited the 93.3 WMMR studios this morning to promote his latest film, The Fanatic. John  plays a rabid fan who stalks his favorite horror film star after he’s refused an autograph and the stalking turns violent after the actor continues to reject him during their “chance encounters”.

After being in the public eye for so long, John has a strong, but sensible opinions on this matter: “I grew up being a fan, so I understood. A very famous movie star, who will remain nameless, discarded [me] so I decided if I ever become famous I would never do that. But, sometimes there are good people who are bad celebrities. Let’s face it. So my cure to that always has been ‘don’t go out unless you’re in the mood for it. Are you in the frame of mind if you go out to dinner to be interrupted, take pictures, whatever. If you are, go out! If you’re not… then… that’s just part of the very small price you pay for this glorious life that we have.”

Then the fun began. This interview was an instant highlight of our careers. Please take a listen and enjoy the conversation as much as we did. Photos below to scroll through while it plays.

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