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Brad Pitt Makes Fun Of Bradley Cooper For Being A Philadelphia Eagles Fan (VIDEO)

Got to love some brad-ley love. Brad Pitts makes fun of Bradley Cooper for being a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Brad and Bradley were together at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  In fact Brad Pitt honored Bradley Cooper with the "one and only" award. Brad Pitt grew up in Kansas City and obviously Bradley Cooper is from Jenkintown and is a massive Eagles fan.  It's really cute at the end of the video Brad Pitt even screams "GO CHIEFS!" Bradley has been a long-time Philly sports lover and supporter and has been to many games at the Linc. Not to mention he came to both Super Bowls and flapped in arms while yelling “Fly Eagles Fly” in Jeffery Lurie’s suite. To see him now bring his daughter Leah with him to all the Eagles games is emotional. It honestly made me tear up a little bit to be honest, since I just lost my Dad at the end of August and he is the reason I love sports so much. He would take me to all his games and sporting events in general. Our bond over sports was so strong and I miss him. Bradley also said he would rather have the Eagles win the Super Bowl than win an Oscar.  Unfortunately the Eagles didn't win the Super Bowl this year, so hopefully Bradley wins at the Oscars, which are on March 10th on ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel is hosting. Bradley is up for a Best Actor for Maestro and is also up for Best Picture. Regardless if he wins or loses, it will be fun to see him on the red carpet, and I wonder if he'll bring his new celebrity girlfriend Gigi Hadid! https://x.com/DEADLINE/status/1756075138121077003?s=20 "He's been nominated 12 times and I really, really hope that this is his year, because he's willing, but if it's not, it's okay, everyone knows it's just a matter of time,"  said Pitt, "And truly Brad is okay, he's fine. He's used to it. He's a Philadelphia Eagles fan." [select-listicle listicle_id="275939" syndication_name="taylor-swift-and-travis-kelce-kiss-and-dance-to-love-story-at-super-bowl-after-party-video" description="yes"]

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