Pierre Robert

Weekdays 10:30am - 3:00pm

Greetings Good Citizens! Because time has always been difficult for me, and because late is such an ugly word, some years ago I came up with the phrase “running ever so slightly behind…”. Eventually I started referring to my challenges with clock oriented events as: running on “PST” ( Pierre Standard Time ).

Every year for well over 20 years I’ve put out a Holiday card, sometimes before, but many times after Christmas…I had big plans for a 40th anniversary card last year but…um…well…PST got in the way once again. As a result, running ever so slightly behind, I now happily, finally present-on the occasion of my 40th Anniversary ( um…well… it’s really now 41 ) some of my ‘MMR Radio story at this legendary station…

If you received the full card in the mail there’s a QR code on the backside. By using that it’s taken you here (or you may just have clicked on this portion of the website without getting the card). Either way, this is where I can offer you a brief explanation and approximate timeline of the various photos and events from my start here in 1981, when I was  just 11 years old… It’s obviously an incomplete scrapbook but it does give you a glimpse of my magical journey, this long, strange trip… A Thousand Thanks for your friendship, along the way, and for being such an important part of our ‘MMR family!

Cheers and Love, Pierre