Pierre Robert

Pierre Robert

Pierre Robert


Greetings, good citizens! Pierre Robert here. 

It’s great to have you on board at WMMR. I’ve been on air in Philadelphia for over 40 years and love this vibrant city and its Good Citizens. Join me weekdays from 10:30am to 3pm for Everything That Rocks and a variety of feel-good features…

Coffee Break Music Marathon: When the Preston & Steve Show wraps up, we begin our time together with a cup of coffee and an extended stretch of songs.

Pierre’s Planner: Around 11:20am, we’ll run down the birthdays, anniversaries, concerts and moments in history that occurred on that day. 

Workforce Blocks: At noon, we’ll do three themed blocks of bands requested by you. How do you do that? Request a block of your favorite artists by sending an email to [email protected]. Tell us who you are, where you work, and why the band is special to you, or if you’d like to dedicate the block to someone else.

Vinyl Cut: Around 2:15pm, we play real, live, beautifully crackling vinyl on the air. WMMR’s vinyl library is extensive and there’s nothing like holding the LP in your hands, checking out the album art and queuing up the record on the turntable.

There’s also weekly features like Double Shot Tuesdays and the Weekend Calendar every Friday. You can call the studio any time at 215-263-WMMR or text us at 39333. Let’s keep in touch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, too.

With a great cup of coffee and outstanding music- nothing can stop us!

Peace & Love, Pierre Robert