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When Billy Madison premiered in 1995, Adam Sandler probably didn’t realize how much people would quote the movie decades later.

The boisterous and raunchy comedy has stood the test of time.

An Instant Classic: Billy Madison 

Billy Madison came out just one year before Happy Gilmore, another one of Sandler’s classic core of comedies. More blockbusters like Big Daddy, The Waterboy, and Mr. Deeds came out within the next few years.

The idea of a 27-year-old returning to school to repeat grades 1-12 for two weeks at a time sounds a little bit bizarre. The outrageous premise turned out to be the perfect set-up for Adam Sandler to do exactly what he does best.

Billy’s absurdity was goofy and unforgettable. He was the type of loveable loser that Sandler plays best. The dynamic with a responsible and mature teacher like Veronica Vaughn meshed perfectly with Billy’s character coming out of the careless days with Jack and Frank.

‘80s and ’90s Babies Love Quoting Adam Sandler

Chances are, you know at least one ’80s or ‘90s baby (and probably way more) who can quote all the big-time Adam Sandler comedies of the time period like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore as closely as an actor reading right from a script.

Relive the fun of Miss Lippy, the reckless pranks of the O’Doyle brothers, and the comedy of Crazy Carl. Try not to think too much about burning dog poo and the human response. Enjoy a look back at some of the best references to Billy Madison.

  • The Invisible Penguin


    Is that it, Dad? Did the penguin tell you to do this?

    Where did Billy think the penguin came from? He wants to send it back to the South Pole or convince the zoo to take it. Either way, it was an interesting way to open the movie.

  • Shampoo Is Better


    Stop looking at me, swan!

    It’s one of those ridiculous things you might’ve even done yourself knowing you don’t ever have to admit it to anyone else.

  • First Grade- Miss Lippy's Class


    Billy likes to drink soda. Miss Lippy’s car is green.

    Miss Vaughn might’ve been the teacher most important to the plot, but Miss Lippy was the most memorable. It’s still not entirely clear what was going on, but she certainly enjoyed her privacy when Billy was out of the room for dodgeball time.

  • Everyone My Age Pees Their Pants


    That was the grossest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Let’s go!

    Ernie needed a friend at that moment. Billy helped him out. It was heartwarming… in a weird sort of way.

  • Chris Farley


    You can imagine what it would be like if they did?

    He was one of the funniest actors of the time period. He was gone too soon. Chris Farley nailed the role of the bus driver even though he never actually went through with his threat to turn the damn bus around.

  • O'Doyle Rules


    O’Doyle, I’ve got a feeling your whole family is going down, but for now, I’ve got to study.

    It seems unlikely that the O’Doyle family would have so many kids in so many different grades who would interact with Billy so often. It made for a good running side plot though.

  • Sloppy Joes


    Lady, you’re scaring us. 

    It wasn’t as classic as the lunch lady skits with Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live, but it’s been brought up in enough school cafeterias since. It’s tough to hear about sloppy joes without thinking of this.

  • Principal Max Anderson, aka The Revolting Blob


    We are so lucky to have Principal Anderson substituting.

    Principal Anderson ultimately accepted that he’d never escape his past as the Revolting Blob. After all, the accident did start as just a stunt.

  • Maybe It’s Someone Else


    The shocking story of power and corruption involving a hotel tycoon, how his 27-year-old millionaire son cheated his way through elementary school.

    The late, great Norm Macdonald was just trying to be positive. At least he gave his friend the benefit of the doubt.

  • "Renegade" by Styx


    Now, you can sit around here all day goofing off, sipping drinks, chasing invisible penguins.

    People probably think of Big Daddy if they hear Adam Sandler and Styx mentioned together. One of his best classic rock scenes came in Billy Madison, however.

  • Do You Have Any More Gum?


    Together, we shall overcome. Overcome!

    The musical scene didn’t exactly fit with the format of the movie. It made for a good transition back into the plotline of Billy trying to succeed though. You have to love the enthusiasm from Juanita also.

  • The Rambling, Incoherent Response


    The Industrial Revolution to me is just like a story I know called “The Puppy Who Lost His Way.”

    Billy drew from a lesson he learned from his inspiring first grade teacher. The response didn’t go over well, but he recovered from a zero-point performance. God had mercy on his soul also.

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