Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

BRRRRR! Here is a jump start to your playlist of chilly rock songs for this snow day.

When it snows, you spend the day inside (well, when you’re not shoveling). My recommendation for a perfect way to spend your day? Listen to some music, of course! Preferably on VINYL. Or, you can pop some headphones in while you’re clearing your driveway and get to listening.

If you want to up your game, put on some snow or cold-related songs. Get into the spirit of the weather! Snow is fun. You might as well go all out and put on some rock tracks that pay homage to the white stuff. No, not that white stuff! That’s a different post LOL.

The artists on this list had snow on their brains when they wrote these songs. It’s inspiring weather, the cold. It provides the perfect creative inspiration.

So get out whatever apparatus you listen to music on and put on some snowy songs. I’m getting you started here. You figure out the rest of your snow-day jams. And of course, it’s better if they’re all ROCK songs!

What’s your favorite snowtime soundtrack?

Here are 3 “cool” rock songs for a snow day:

  • "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" - Frank Zappa

    A good word of advice from Frank Zappa here. Be wary of that yellow snow.

  • "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" - Bruce Springsteen

    This song tells a mythologized version of the formation of the E-Street Band. I wonder if Tenth Avenue really gets frozen in the snow…

  • "Winter" - The Rolling Stones

    “And it sure been a cold, cold winter/And the wind ain’t been blowin’ from the south/It’s sure been a cold, cold winter/And a lotta love is all burned out.”

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