Jacky Bam Bam

Jacky Bam Bam

Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images

On my visit to Spirit Halloween, I saw tons of cool stuff. Here are some scary-good decorations at the store!

Happy Halloween. “But Jacky, it’s only October 4th,” you say. All of October (and some of September…maybe even a bit of August) is Halloween. I simply don’t care what you think. In fact, it’s basically Halloween every day for me, you full-time Vampire.

Running the graveyard shift makes me a pretty spooky guy. I love all things ghoulish and ghastly. So, as soon as those neon orange signs go up on a closed-down Big Lots or Kmart, I go running to the best place on Earth. Spirit Halloween. I live for the fun costumes, spooky animatronics, and home décor. I call it home décor because I decorate my house with spooky things year-round. A skeleton candelabra? Yes, please!

Brittany and I stopped into one of the stores recently and I was thoroughly impressed. Their animatronics this year are so fun. I just had to strike a pose in front of a few of ’em! There’s nothing like the smell of cheap latex and fog machine smoke emanating from that place. It really gets me in the holiday spirit.

Here are some highlights from my Spirit Halloween trip. If you’re passing by one, be sure to drop in and give it a look-around!

  • "Stilts"

    jacky bambam in front of a clown animatronic

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    7.9 Ft Stilts Animatronic - Spirithalloween.com

    Juggling can be a cutthroat competition, and Stilts would do anything to be the best in the business, even if it meant knocking out the competition - permanently. He was sure his 10-pin juggling act would impress the judges, but when he lost to a chainsaw-tossing lumberjack, he couldn't handle it.

    I thought I was tall. That was until I saw this guy! Whoa! He’s over 7 ft tall and stands menacingly over people, showing off his bloody bowling pins. I really got a kick out of him.

  • "Slim"

    jacky bambam in front of a clown animatronic

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    7.2 Ft Slim Animatronic - Killer Klowns from Outer Space - Spirithalloween.com

    If you happen to see any giant shadow puppets this Halloween look out, because that can only mean one thing. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space are back and ready to cause some wacky mayhem this holiday! Turn your Halloween display into a Killer Klowns circus this Halloween with this officially licensed Slim Animatronic.

    KILLER KLOWNS! The last thing the world needs is more killer Klowns from outer space. Well, except for this guy. This Slim animatronic was super cool.

  • "Poor George"

    jacky bambam at spirit halloween

    Photo by Brittany Rotondo

    4.2 Ft Poor George Animatronic - Spirithalloween.com

    George was a good clown. He made the kids laugh, the parents smile and kept the circus happy. Then a strange thing happened on Halloween. George was performing for tips in the street while the circus was on winter break when an out-of-control cable car careened around the corner and sliced him in half.

    You can see him in the back in this pic. This spinning clown animatronic was real “two faced”! Also, isn’t this cardboard cemetery super awesome? They never fail to rock the store’s decor every year.

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