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Dave Grohl is one tough cookie. He’s savage, funny as anything, and all in all, a total badass.

From his start in Scream to his break in Nirvana to founding the Foo Fighters, Grohl has consistently proven his resilience and overall coolness. And you know he’s definitely been this cool since birth (thanks Virginia Grohl), it’s clear. He is a legendary performer who has, in all honesty, been through the wringer.

He just might be the most heartwarming rock musician in the world. Everything he touches turns into something cool. He famously lives his life in a fun way, providing the public with some pretty badass moments over the years.

The best part of it all is just how good of a musician he is. He is a generational talent with a heart of gold. He is so good, he doesn’t have to worry about what others think of him. That’s a fun advantage to have, huh?

We’ve loved watching Dave Grohl throughout the years. From hilarious stunts to straight-up bravery and tenacity, we’ve enjoyed it all. He’s just one of those guys you always root for, ya know? It takes a badass to be known as “the nicest guy in rock n’ roll.”

Here are 6 times Dave Grohl proved he’s a total badass:

  • Performing Through A Broken Leg

    Foo Fighters' Sonic Highway World Tour At The Forum

    You knew this would be on here. And you knew it would be the first thing we hit on. And if you didn’t know this, here’s what happened. Dave was performing at Nya Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2015 when he fell off the stage. They were performing their hit song “Monkey Wrench.” With his microphone still in hand, he announced to the packed crowd: “I think I just broke my leg. I’m going to go to hospital. I’m going to fix my leg and then I’m going to come back.” Grohl continued the show from a chair after medics set his leg. He was told to lay low afterward to heal, but no. He simply performed shows from an epic throne.

  • Dealing With Loss

    Grohl, unfortunately, is no stranger to mortality. When Kurt Cobain died, effectively ending Nirvana, Grohl used music to heal. It was a devastating loss that could have been the end of his music career. Instead, he formed a new group and used music to make himself, and the world, feel better. A group that featured Taylor Hawkins. In 2022, the world lost Hawkins. Again, an insurmountable loss that could make Grohl want to give up. But, no stranger to grief, Dave has used it to inspire himself to grow yet again. What a trooper.

  • His Drum-Off With Animal

    This is a funny, but totally cool moment in Grohl-story (Grohl+history). A lot of rock stars would turn their noses up at a drum-off with a literal Muppet. But not Dave. No, he went all in and had fun doing it.

  • Tipping $333 On A Bar Tab

    Scott Herkes on Twitter: "Dave Grohl tips the most Dave Grohl way possible... (pic via @foofighters fb group) / Twitter"

    Dave Grohl tips the most Dave Grohl way possible... (pic via @foofighters fb group)

    When his bar tab came out to $333 even. So he did what any badass rock star would do. He tipped $333 even. Not only is that a great tip, it was also extremely witty. Because then, the bill’s total could be $666. Ozzy would approve.

  • Not Being Afraid To Dress Up

    In so many of the Foo Fighters’ music videos, as well as fun sketches and comedy bits over the years, Dave has worn all kinds of crazy costumes and makeup. It takes a real badass to be that secure in oneself. Badasses have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

  • Going On Hot Ones

    This is one of the most badass things you can do. Hot Ones is a YouTube series by First We Feast in which stars eat hot wings and answer hotter questions. The wings get progressively hotter as the interview goes on. Some cry, others’ stomachs hit eject, others quit. Not Dave, though. He was a boss and stuck with it, giving us a hilarious and iconic interview.

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