PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 27: A young fan of the Philadelphia Phillies holds up a sign which reads "Phils in Phive" as rain falls against the Tampa Bay Rays during game five of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 27, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In general, we want sports to be played on as even of a playing field as possible. Mother nature does not always let that happen though. Occasionally she has different plans and drops snow, rain, or other weather events onto our heads while we are trying to enjoy our team’s play. And the truth is, we kind of love bad weather games.

Who doesn’t love a football game in the snow? Or maybe even heavy rain. Most of the time we want good weather. But now and then, you have to love a game in bad conditions. And our teams have had some great ones. So I put together a list of some of the best ones.

I only included ones we actually have good memories of. The list could be much longer if I included bad weather games where our teams came up short. I could have listed the Fog Bowl. Or the infamous Joe Webb game after a snowstorm forced the Eagles into playing on Tuesday night. But we dont need to drudge up those bad memories. Besides, thinking of Joe Webb somehow beating the Eagles still gives me shivers.

I wanted to talk about games we can celebrate instead. Times where despite the bad weather, our team still came out on top. Some of the games on this list even led to championships for the city. So from the Snow Bowl, to the the 2008 World Series, and a few Eagles Championships back in the day, we took a look at some of our favorite bad weather games. These are the times Mother Nature was against our teams, and they still triumphed.

Here are some of the best bad weather games in the history of Philadelphia sports:

  • Philly Freezes Over Ahead of 2004-2005 NFC Championship Game

    Before a blizzard of confetti fell over Lincoln Financial Field in the 2004-2005 NFC Championship game, an actual blizzard hit it. And while it was not snowing during the game itself, the stadium was blanketed in snow ahead of the game. Fans had to come out to help shovel the snow, and chilly winds made the 17-degree temperatures feel closer to 0 during the game. But it was all worth it. The Eagles beat the Falcons 27-10 and advanced to the Super Bowl.

    Looking back, the tone for the game was set when Brian Dawkins put a hard hit on Falcons Tight End Alge Crumpler. Getting hit by Dawkins in normal conditions is bad enough. But getting leveled by him in the freezing cold? Can’t imagine that was very fun.

    PHILADELPHIA - JANUARY 23: Tightend Alge Crumpler #83 of the Atlanta Falcons is hit by Brian dawkins #20 of the Philadelphia Eagles in the second quarter during the NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 23, 2005 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia.

  • The Rain Sets Up A Mitch Williams Walk Off A 4 AM

    This is not a game that was played in the rain. But several rain delays did set up an unforgettable Phillies moment. The Phillies and the Padres were scheduled to play a doubleheader. But the rain delays meant game 1 didn’t end until about 1 a.m. Instead of moving game 2 to the next day, they started playing it at 1:30 a.m. Those who stayed up to watch both games were treated to a special moment. At 4:40 a.m. Mitch Williams of all people knocked in the walk-off hit.

  • LeSean McCoy Goes Off In The Snow

    This game is exactly why we love playing football in the snow. Despite the snow, though you could argue it was because of it, LeSean McCoy put on quite the show for us. A franchise-record 217 yards, including two 40+ yard TD runs. All on the way to a 34-20 victory for the Eagles. The Eagles started out the game down 14-0. But the two McCoy TDs, as well as TDs by Desean Jackson, Nick Foles, and Chris Polk, eventually led the Eagles to a win.

    SportsCenter on Twitter: "Fly Eagles the snow. LeSean McCoy rushes for a career-high 217 Yds, 2 TD as PHI beats DET, 34-20. / Twitter"

    Fly Eagles the snow. LeSean McCoy rushes for a career-high 217 Yds, 2 TD as PHI beats DET, 34-20.

  • The Pickle Juice Game

    Bad weather is not just snow, rain, and freezing temps. A heat wave counts too. And few games in Eagles history were as hot as the Pickle Juice game. Temperatures in Dallas reached 109. On the field, they reached as high as 130. The Eagles dominated the Cowboys that day, in no small part due to them drinking pickle juice before the game. It turns out drinking pickle juice can help avoid muscle cramps, and gave the Eagles an edge that day. An edge they rode to a 41-14 victory, with Duce Staley racking up more yards (201) than the Cowboys entire offense (167).

    Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter: "20 years ago today, Duce Staley went for 262 scrimmage yards on 30 touches in the legendary Pickle Juice Game.#TBT | #FlyEaglesFly / Twitter"

    20 years ago today, Duce Staley went for 262 scrimmage yards on 30 touches in the legendary Pickle Juice Game.#TBT | #FlyEaglesFly

  • The Swing Of Bryce Harper's Life

    Rain almost ruined game 5 for the Phillies in the 2022 NLCS. It pushed Zach Wheeler out of the game and brought in Seranthony Dominguez. Dominguez had been dominant in the playoffs before that day, but it was clear he was having g a hard time finding his control in the wet conditions. A wild Seranthony let the Padres take the lead. But maybe that was meant to be. Because once the rain cleared, it set up one of the best single moments in Phillies history.

    In the bottom of the 8th, with JT Realmuto on base, Bryce Harper had “the swing of his life.” He crushed the ball to left field, putting the Phillies up for good, and sent them to the World Series. A moment that would have never happened were it not for the rain letting the Padres back into the game.

    MLB on Twitter: "BRYCE HARPER ARE YOU SERIOUS?! #Postseason / Twitter"


  • Eagles Overcome A Winter Storm To Win Their First Championship

    Before there ever was a Super Bowl, the Eagles racked up a few Championships. The first of which came amidst a Winter Storm. Shibe Park in Philadelphia was blanketed in snow, and it kept both the Eagles and the Cardinals from scoring for most of the game. 1 TD, carried in by Hall of Famer Steve Van Buren, was all the Eagles needed to win their first-ever Championship. And as we are about to talk about, their next Championship was no prettier in the weather department.

    Worth noting is the commute Van Buren took to the game. He rode a bus, a train, and a subway to get in, before walking several blocks to get to the game. Thankfully he made it, so he could score this game-winning TD.

    Old Time Football 🏈 on Twitter: "OTD 1948 Steve Van Buren scores the only TD in the 1948 #NFL Championship 7-0 #FlyEaglesFly over the #Cardinals / Twitter"

    OTD 1948 Steve Van Buren scores the only TD in the 1948 #NFL Championship 7-0 #FlyEaglesFly over the #Cardinals

  • Eagles Win a Muddy Championship Game in 1949

    There was no snow the next year when the Eagles repeated as champions. But there was rain and lots of it. The LA Coliseum was turned into a giant pit of mud. This time the Eagles managed two TDs though. One by Pete Phios from Tommy Thompson, the other a blocked punt that they returned for a TD. Steve Van Buren did not find the endzone this time, but he did rack up 196 rushing yards. More than the Rams’ entire offense.

    Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter: "#tbt to the 1949 NFL Championship Game. The #Eagles beat the Rams 14-0 at the LA Coliseum. / Twitter"

    tbt to the 1949 NFL Championship Game. The #Eagles beat the Rams 14-0 at the LA Coliseum.

  • The Rain-Soaked 2008 World Series

    With the Phillies on the verge of winning their first World Series, Mother Nature tried to rain on our parade. Literally. Game 3 has already endured a 91-minute delay. But then game 5 saw a rainstorm get in its way too. They tried to play through it. And like it later would in 2022, the rain saw the Phillies blow a lead. The game was suspended at a 2-2 tie, and we had to wait to see the Phillies’ fate. We waited two days. But it was worth it. Because it eventually led to this.

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