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Buffalo Bills Player Caught On Video Shoving Eagles Fan

Shaq Lawson showed a serious lack of temperament with Philadelphia Eagles fans during a Week 12 loss. Video showed defensive tackle Jordan Philips and multiple Buffalo Bills teammates, including Lawson, approaching the stands while play was going on. The veteran defensive end stepped in and shoved a Philadelphia Eagles fan responding to what looks like a heated argument. Bills Lost Their Heads Philips jumped offside in the first quarter on a fourth-and-1 and crushed Cam Jurgens. The officials surprisingly didn’t call him for unnecessary roughness. The two linemen engaged in a heated battle the rest of the day. After Jalen Hurts threw an interception in the second quarter, Bills defenders celebrated. Tim Settle appeared to flip the double bird to the Philadelphia crowd. The two instances aren’t the craziest things you’ll ever see in an NFL game. However, they’re not indicative of a team that stayed collected during a tight game that required composure. Lawson’s decision to shove an opposing fan is the real problem.  Shaq Lawson Made A Serious Mistake A short video doesn’t tell the entire story of what happened during the altercation. What did the Eagles fans say to force multiple Bills players to approach the stands? Did they throw something onto the Buffalo sideline? It wouldn’t be the first case of bad fan behavior in Philadelphia. It happens at Lincoln Financial Field and in every other NFL stadium. It’s entirely possible that the fan or fans involved were also out of line. For now, we know that multiple professional athletes in peak physical condition who weren’t in danger of physical harm approached fans to escelate an argument in the middle of a game. Shaq Lawson engaged physically to cross a line that should’ve never even been approached. An NFL source told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Lawson will likely receive a fine or suspension. Stay tuned for more potential details to emerge. [select-listicle listicle_id="903866" syndication_name="10-fun-facts-about-the-philadelphia-eagles-jalen-hurts" description="no"]

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